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This project is looking at ways of extending the specification language Z to include, in as elegant a way as possible, the notions of refinement and program deriviation. We are also looking at ways of extending the notions of derivation and refinement to μ-charts in this project. 

The project is funded by the New Zealand government under the Foundation for Science, Research and Technology's (FRST's) New Economy Research Fund (NERF).


The people associated with the project are: 
  • Judy Bowen
  • Chitra Kanakaraj
  • Greg Reeve
  • Steve Reeves
  • Martin Henson (University of Essex, U.K.)
  • Moshe Deutsch (University of Essex, U.K.)
  • Doug Goldson (University of Queensland, Australia)


There are more publications to do with μ-charts on the ISuRF project publications web page, but publications specific to the Z-lambda project are:

Deutsch, M., Henson, M. and Reeves, S. (2001) An Analysis of Operation Refinement in Z. Proceedings of ISCIS XVI, November 5-7 2001.

Anderson, G., Reeve, G. and Reeves, S. (2001) Idioms for μ-Charts. Proceedings of ASWEC2001. IEEE Computer Society. August 2001, Canberra, Australia. pp. 224-234.

Reeve, G. (2001) Towards Refinement for μ-Charts. In New Zealand Journal of Computing, volume 8, number 3.

Anderson, G. (2001) Synchronised Transitions in μ-Charts. In Proceedings of the New Zealand Computer Science Research Students' Conference, April 2001. Available as report TR-COSC 02/01, Department of Computer Science, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, pp. 30-34.

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We have links with a project (which has itself grown out of the New Foundations for Z project) at the University of Essex, U.K. 

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