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Tari Rorohiko

Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Computer Science 30 Year Celebration

Computer Science Hāngi

To commemorate the 30 year milestone and to conclude the unveiling ceremony, the Computer science department cooked and served a traditional Māori Hāngi.

peeling veges
vegetables were peeled
chopping pumpkins
pumpkins were chopped
site ready
the hāngi was dug, wood was placed on top, and the hāngi stones placed by the side
lighting of fire
at 5:30am the hāngi was lit
fire burning
and burnt
fire burning
and burnt
fire burning
and burnt
fire burning
until all that was left
ashes and hot stones
was ashes and hot stones
hot stones removed
the hot stones were removed
ashes removed
the ash was removed
fire put out
Geoff putting out departmental fires before they get out of hand
hot stones returned
the hot stones were returned to the hole
food placed in hole
and the prepared food placed on top
wet sheets placed
wet sheets were placed to cover the food
wet sacks placed
then wet sacks
dirt placed
and then dirt
more dirt placed
and then more dirt
it was left to cook like this for 4 hours
dirt removed
That afternoon the dirt was removed
sheets and sacks removed
and sheets and sacks unraveled
food cooked
to reveal fresh, steaming hot hāngi
lifte out food
carefully lifted onto the trailer
arranging food
the hot food was separated
cutting meat
and cut into portions
crowd wait for food
the crowd waited
serving food
and then served
serving food
and served some more
crowd fed and happy
and everyone had penty to eat.