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Smartness is Suddenly Everywhere

Farhad Mehdipour
Kyushu University, Japan
Wednesday 8 April 2015
11:00 am
This talk gives an overview of emerging computing paradigms, key enabling technologies for realizing them, and a few example applications. The emphasis will be on solutions that integrate computing and networking systems to the physical world being sensed and controlled by sensors and actuators. A big picture of a smart computing system including its different components and requirements associated with the type of target application is presented. It will be shown how the growth of the system may lead to an ever-increasing data stream and big data emergence. Moreover, two example applications including a smart system for environment monitoring and the Smart Grid will be introduced and compared with respect to the variant smartness essentials. Challenges and solutions for developing components of those systems including an energy-efficient wireless sensor network, as well as data processing, mining and knowledge discovery systems will be discussed throughout this talk.


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