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Formal Methods Laboratory (G.2.27)

The work that goes on in this, New Zealand’s first Formal Methods laboratory, is based on the view that specification is at the heart of software development. It is also based on the view that, as engineers and scientists, we should use the machinery of mathematics to model and reason about the systems that we build before we construct them. We are developing languages and tools for modelling systems, for reasoning about those models and for transforming them into code in a way that is guaranteed to preserve meaning and correctness. We do not want to build software that usually works – we want software that always works, and in the way intended by the requirements.

Driving the work of the lab are problems that we have been presented with by various parts of the New Zealand (and beyond) software development industry. This means that we can be sure our work is going to be useful for solving problems that are important to people outside of the research environment.

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