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Handheld Devices/Laid-Back Computing (HCI)

Mark Apperley, Matt Jones, Masood Masoodian, Dana MacKay, Bill Rogers, Kirsten Thomson

"Travelling fast, but where are you going? Travelling slowly, always at home." So ends a great essay by Mari Rhydwen on transport and travel. She shows that although we now can journey round the globe quickly and effortlessly, we miss much in the process. We journey through countries and look in from the outside; we are viewers rather than participants. Our Laid-Back Computing work aims at looking at how to adjust the pace of human-computer interaction so that it becomes less "hyper", out-of-control and externalised.

We are looking at using ubiquitous computing technologies (such as handheld computers) to provide styles of interaction that are richly embedded in the user's life.

To open up this new area of laid-back computing, we are developing a laid-back search scheme. Our ideas in this area are new and still forming; please get in touch if you want to help us in this exciting area.

Our work is also supported by and relates to our experiences in mobile handheld information access. Over the past several years we have carried out a number of studies into aspects such as small screen searching and browsing. Further details can be found in our papers.

Further information about this project can be found at:

Sample Publications

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