CIG: The Collaborative Information Gathering Project (HCI)

FM: micro-Chart Tools

Handheld Devices/Laid-Back Computing (HCI)

LIDS: The Application of Large Interactive Display Surfaces (HCI)

NZDL: The New Zealand Digital Library Project

The B/Z Testing Tools Project

The University of Waikato Usability Laboratory (HCI)

WAND: The Waikato Applied Network Dynamics Group

WEKA: The Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis Project

WAND: The Waikato Applied Network Dynamics Group

Tony McGregor

WAND is a research group at the University of Waikato Computer Science Department. The group is involved with a range of computer networks projects mostly focused around network measurement. The group has a strong international reputation and has close links, including collaborative research, with several other network measurement groups. These include NLANR, CAIDA, Sprint and Agilent.

Recent work includes the design and manufacturing of a range of high speed passive network measurement hardware (for measuring networks from 100Mbps to 2.5Gbps), the collection and publishing of long packet header traces from a 155Mbps ATM WAN connection and leading the NLANR AMP and PMA projects.

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