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Master of Cyber Security (MCS)

This degree introduces students to the frontiers of knowledge and trains them in the relevant techniques of cyber security. Students will gain an advanced understanding and knowledge of cyber security from the point of view of preventative security, detection of security breaches, and offensive security (such as computer system penetration testing). At the same time, students will gain an advanced understanding and knowledge of cloud computing technologies, computer infrastructure, legal aspects of cyber security and a capacity to think innovatively and be able to use research-led knowledge to advance professional practice.

More information about the MCS degree can be found on the CROW website. For more information on Cyber Security Researchers of Waikato, please refer to the CROW website also.

For students with an undergraduate degree, this degree requires a total of 180 points consisting of 75 points of compulsory 500 level taught papers, a 60 point dissertation, and another 45 points of appropriate 500 level taught papers. Students with an honours degree or a postgraduate diploma are required to do the compulsory taught papers and the 60 point dissertation.

Students will be required to take the following papers.

Compulsory Cyber Security papers (total of 120 points):
COMP518 Cyber Security (15 points)
COMP527 Cloud Computing Technologies and Security (15 points)
COMP592 Dissertation*** (60 points)
LAWS526 Legal Aspects of Cyber Security (30 points)

Compulsory Infrastructure paper (15 points):
Students are to choose one from the following three papers:
(a) COMP501 Topics in Operating Systems
(b) COMP513 Topics in Computer Networks
(c) COMP514 Carrier and ISP Networks

*** Capable students may opt for COMP593 Computer Science Thesis (90 points) as an alternative to COMP592, subject to the Deanís approval. This will result in 15 points remaining for a relevant 500 level paper, on top of the compulsory 15 point Infrastructure paper.

Entry Requirements
For admission into the MCS, students will need to have completed a relevant bachelor's degree or postgraduate diploma, normally in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. They will need an average of at least B+ in their 300 level or higher Computer Science papers.

Enrolment Information
Applications to enrol in the MCS degree are now invited using the online enrolment system available at . Applications should be made well in advance of a start in Semester A (around late February/early March) or in Semester B (July).

For enrolment questions, please feel free to email

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