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Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (BE(Hons))

What do aerospace, food and dairy technology, forestry and metallurgy have in common? They all require qualified engineers.

The Bachelor of Engineering degree is an elite qualification that comes complete with 800 hours of paid work experience. Students taking engineering at Waikato donít just move with the times, they create them. They view the wider picture; how their work fits into the world. The core papers within this four-year degree will teach you about the professional application of engineering and design skills, including economic and environmental factors and the requirements of professional practice.

The Waikato BE is designed as the basis for a professional career in technology and engineering, with plenty of practical application of skills in real work situations. By the end of your studies, you will be prepared for your role as an engineer and able to create, design and realize sophisticated engineering products and processes.

The Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences offers the specified programme Software Engineering. For other specified programmes (Chemical & Biological Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Materials & Process Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering), students need to contact the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Degree Regulations
The regulations which govern the awarding of the BE degree are published in the University Calendar.

Degree Programmes
The four year Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (BE(Hons)) has five specified programmes:

  • Chemical and Biological Engineering (Faculty of Science and Engineering)
  • Electronic Engineering; including an optoelectronics/photonics stream (Faculty of Science and Engineering)
  • Materials and Process Engineering (Faculty of Science and Engineering)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Faculty of Science and Engineering)
  • Software Engineering (Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences)

Students in the Software Engineering programme must enrol in the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences.

Entry Requirements
If you have (or expect to gain) University Entrance you are eligible to apply for this degree, but it is aimed at well-qualified students. There are some additional entry requirements. A selection process applies. You are expected to have studied Level 3 Mathematics (Calculus or Statistics and Modelling) and Level 3 Physics. However, the specified programme of Software Engineering does not require Physics. Each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you do not have University Entrance, your application will still be considered.

Applicants Over 20 Years Old
Click here for information on entry requirements for applicants over 20 years old.

English Language Requirements for International Students
Click here for the English Language Requirements for the BE.

Discretionary/Provisional Entrance
Click here for information on entry requirements for students under 20 without university entrance.

People whose background do not meet the above requirements should consider admission into a BSc or BSc(Tech) degree and take relevant papers to build up their skills. They can then apply for entry into the BE degree.

In the A semester the appropriate papers may be incorporated into a full-time programme of study, but at other times of the year it may not be possible to enrol in a full-time programme which includes introductory papers. The Faculty of Science and Engineering offers a part-time 18 week Gateway to Science programme in the B semester, which includes mathematics and statistics.

Members of the Faculty staff are available by appointment to discuss suitable introductory studies with any applicant whose academic background requires strengthening.

Enrolment Information
Full details of papers, regulations, enrolment procedures, accommodation, bursaries and degree structures will be found in the University Calendar, available from school careers advisers, at public libraries, or directly from the The Student Information Centre, The Gateway/Te Kuaha, The University of Waikato, Private Bag 3105, Hamilton. Phone + 64 7 838 4176 or Wordphone 0800 WAIKATO or Fax + 64 7 838 4370.

More specifically, the Enrolment Home Page provides the necessary details of how to enrol.

If you are an International Student, you will need to fill out an application through the International Centre. Click here to link to the International Centre application page.

Returning Students can enrol online through iWaikato.

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