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Level 3 Papers >> A Semester
COMP333A Web Applications Development

20 Points

This paper covers a range of topics relating to the development of software applications delivered via the web. These include: the latest developments in HTML, CSS and JavaScript; asynchronous client-server communication using AJAX; security issues; Object Oriented Javascript; JSON; Javascript libraries; consuming and creating RESTful web services; XML.

Learning Outcomes
Students who pass this paper will be able to develop rich internet applications using HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP and relational databases. They will understand the architecture of AJAX-driven implementation and use it to enhance web applications. They will be able to implement object-oriented client-side Javascript code to support scalability, information hiding and code reuse. Students will be able to deploy third-party libraries for core Javascript features and user interface implementation. They will be able to implement applications that interact with external web services through a range of protocols, and implement their own RESTful web service. They will be able to use XML for data representation and transfer.

Pre Requisite Papers
COMP233 Internet Applications

Lecturers and Tutors

A Semester

Moodle Link

Official Timetable Information

Standard workload for a Level 3 paper.

Online Support
The course will make extensive use of Moodle for dissemination of lecture notes, assessment details, course announcements, question answering and so on. Some assessment submission will be supported in Moodle.

Computing Resources
Linux based systems in laboratories located in R Block. Students will utilise the Apache web server, Firefox browser and other appropriate software

Means of Assessment
Mainly practically oriented, with a written test during a timetabled lecture slot. All practical assessments are individual.

Assessment Ratio
Internal assessment/final examination ratio 1:0

Assessment Components
All assessment items are compulsory. This means that students in this course must submit all items of assessment (including the written test) in order to be eligible to pass the course. A minimum grade of 40% in the written test is required to be eligible to pass the course.

Component% of overall markDue date
Practical coursework
HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, mySQL plus AJAX
Practical coursework
Object Oriented Javascript
Practical coursework
Web services - client-side mashup
Practical coursework
Web services - server-side implementation
In-class written test25%Tuesday 2nd June
(lecture slot)

Attendance Policy
Attendance at all lecture and other teaching sessions is expected.

Lecture Outlines
Details of lectures and content overview are available on Moodle.

Paper Handouts
Will be provided when necessary. Most materials (including lecture notes and assessment items) will be provided via the COMP333 Moodle site.

Other Information
Moodle will be the primary medium by which matters to do with the course (queries, problems, help, etc) can be posted and will be responded to. Course staff will be regularly monitoring the 333 Moodle area.

If you prefer or need to see someone in person, then the first person to contact is the Doctoral Assistant or Lecturer for the course.

Tutor Coordinator
Doctoral Assistant: Min-Hsien Weng. email

Student Representatives
To be determined in the first week of semester.

Academic Integrity
Follow this link for Academic Integrity information and this link for detailed explanation of How to prevent plagiarism in Computer Science assessment items.

Performance Impairment
Follow this link for information on Performance Impairment.

Student Concerns and Complaints
Follow this link for Student Concerns and Complaints information.

Application for Extension
Follow this link for information on applying for an Extension.

Review of Grade
Follow this link for information on applying for a Review of Grade.

University Regulations
Your attention is drawn to the following regulations and policies, which are published in the University Calendar:

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