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Mark Apperley

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Mark Apperley

Articles in Refereed Journals

    Witten, I.H., McNab, R.J., Jones, S., Apperley, M., Bainbridge, D. and Cunningham, S.J. (1999) Managing complexity in a distributed digital library IEEE Computer 42(2) 7479.

    Grundy, J.C., Apperley, M.D., Hosking, J.G. and Mugridge, W.B. (1998) A decentralized architecture for software process modeling and enactment. In IEEE Internet Computing Vol 2, No 5, 1998, P 5362.

Papers in Conference Proceedings

    Apperley, M. and Masoodian, M. (2000) Supporting collaboration and engagement using a whiteboard-like display In Shared Environments to Support Face to Face Collaboration: A CSCW Workshop, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, p 22-26.

    Apperley, M., Fletcher, D. and Rogers, B. (2000) Breaking the copy/paste cycle: the stretchable selection tool Proc First Australian User Interface Conference, AUIC 2000. Australian Computer Science Communications, v 22, no 5, 3-10.

    Apperley, M., Fletcher, D., Rogers, B. and Thomson, K. (2000) Interactive visualisation of a travel itinerary Proc Working Conference on Advanced Visual Interfaces, AVI 2000, Palermo, Italy, May, 2000, p 221-226. ACM Press, New York.

    Apperley, M.D. and Hunt, R.B. (1998) Design support for hypermedia documents. In Designing Effective and Usable Multimedia Systems, Sutcliffe, Alistair, Juergen Ziegler and Peter Johnson (Eds.) Proc IFIP Working Group 13.2 Conference, Stuttgart, Germany, 1998, P 4155 (Kluwer Academic Publishers, London).

    Grundy, J., Mugridge, R., Hosking, J and Apperley, M. (1998) Tool integration, collaboration and user interaction issues in component-based software architectures In Mingins, Christine and Bertrand Meyer (eds.) Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems: Proc TOOLS Pacific 98 Conference, Melbourne, Australia, P 289301.


    Apperley, M.D. (1997) Overview of the information, computer and communication technologies. In McGregor, D. (ed) The New Zealand knowledge base: Overview, Ministry of Research, Science and Technology, Wellington, 1997, P 3540.

    Apperley, M.D., Grundy, J.C. and Benwell, G. (1997) Information computer and communication technologies. The New Zealand Knowledge Base: Report No. 6, Ministry of Research, Science and Technology, Wellington, 1997, 36pp.

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