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COMP126B Computing Media

15 Points

In this paper students will create multimedia web content using appropriate software packages. Web design concepts will be introduced for the effective use of text, images and sounds. Students will be introduced to relevant computing concepts and provided with software tutorials and related exercises.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyse and evaluate existing web content.
  • Understand and apply key concepts of Web design to create a simple website.
  • Apply interaction and animation concepts to enhance web content.
  • Design and construct a website for a specific audience that integrates text, images and interactive animation, justifying the use of specific technologies.

Lecturers and Tutors

B Semester

Moodle Link

Official Timetable Information

This paper is worth 15 points. There is 1 lecture and 3 hours of timetabled labs per week. There will also be video mini-lectures and online collaborative sessions.
In addition, students are expected to spend 1-2 hours per week working in the lab unsupervised and at least 4 hrs/week studying out of class, including contributing to discussions and activities on Moodle.

Computing Resources
Students will have access to Windows machines in Labs 3 & 4 (R.G.10 & R.G.11) in R-block.

Assessment Ratio
Internal assessment/final examination ratio 1:0

Assessment Components
The two Tests and the Final Project are compulsory assessment items. A minimum of 50% is required overall for a pass in this course.

Grading Schedule

Practicals (including Moodle quizzes)20%
Web Assignment15%
Test 1: Web20%
Test 2: Interactive Web20%
Final Project25%

Assessment Deadlines
Practicals at various times through the semester
Web test during first lab of Week 7
Web assignment due on 4th September
Interactive Web test during first lab of Week 12
Final project due end of Week 13 (study week).

Attendance Policy
Class attendance is expected. The course notes provided are not comprehensive, additional material will be covered in class. You are responsible for all material covered in class.

Paper Handouts
Manuals of course notes are provided as PDFs available in Moodle. The course notes are by no means comprehensive. You are expected to find any additional relevant material (e.g. online help, examples from the Internet, reference books) yourself. PDFs and screencasts of additional material will be available in Moodle.

Changes in Response to Course Evaluations
The paper in 2014 has changed significantly from previous years. Flash and ActionScript content has been replaced with JavaScript and CSS 3 animation. Google Web Designer will be used as a timeline-based animation tool. Large amounts of the workbook content has been replaced and the paper will have more video and Moodle-based content. More time will be spent on understanding the technologies rather than the specifics of a particular development tool.

Academic Integrity
Follow this link for Academic Integrity information and this link for detailed explanation of How to prevent plagiarism in Computer Science assessment items.

Performance Impairment
Follow this link for information on Performance Impairment.

Student Concerns and Complaints
Follow this link for Student Concerns and Complaints information.

Application for Extension
Follow this link for information on applying for an Extension.

Review of Grade
Follow this link for information on applying for a Review of Grade.

University Regulations
Your attention is drawn to the following regulations and policies, which are published in the University Calendar:

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