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Boyd, C., Cleary, J.G., Irvine, S.A., Rinsma-Melchert, I and Witten, I.H. (1997) Integrating Error Detection into Arithmetic Coding. In IEEE Transactions on Communications, Vol 45, No 1, IEEE Communications Society, 1997, P 1—3.

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Cunningham, S.J. (1997) Machine learning applications in anthropology: automated discovery over kinship structures. In Computers and the Humanities 30, 1997, P 401—406.

Cunningham, S.J. (1997) Teaching Students to Critically Evaluate the Quality of Internet Research Sources. In SIGCSE Bulletin 29 (2), 1997, P 31—34.

Jones, S and Marsh, S. (1997) Human-Computer-Human Interaction: Trust in CSCW. In ACM SIGCHI Bulletin, 29 (3) 1997 P 36—40.

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Nevill-Manning, C.G. and Witten, I.H. (1997) Compression and explanation using hierarchical grammars. Computer Journal 40 Vol (2/3) P 103-116.

Nevill-Manning, C.G. and Witten, I.H. (1997) Identifying hierarchical structure in sequences: a linear-time algorithm. In Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, Vol 7, AI Access Foundation and Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1997, P 67—82.

Rogers, W.J, Cunningham, S.J. and Holmes, G. (1997) Navigating the virtual library: a three-dimensional browsing interface for information retrieval. Australian Journal of Intelligent Information Processing Systems, Vol 3, No 4, 1996, P 43—49.

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Melchert, I., Cleary, J.G. and Irvine, S.A. (1995) On the insecurity of arithmetic coding Computers & Security 14, 167-180.

Conference Presentations

Cunningham, S.J. (1997) Applying machine learning techniques to historical data. Presented at Cincinnati Symposium on Computers and History, Cincinnati, 1997.

Cunningham, S.J. (1997) Screensavers and the computing culture (or, Idle screens are the devil's helpers). Presented at Far West Popular Culture Association Conference, Las Vegas, 1997.

Cunningham, S.J. (1997) The New Zealand Digital Library project. Presented at ITSIG session of the New Zealand Library Association Conference, Wanganui, 1997.

Edited Volumes of Conference Proceedings

Groves, L and Reeves, S. (1997) (Eds)Formal Methods Pacific ’97: Proceedings of FMP’97. Springer-Verlag, 1997 , P 320.

Papers in Conference Proceedings

Beale, R., McNab, R.J. and Witten, I H. (1997) Visualising sequences of queries: a new tool for information retrieval. In Proceedings of 1997 IEEE Conference on Information Visualization, London, England, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1997, P 57—62.

Cockburn, A. and Jones, S. (1997) Design issues for World Wide Web navigation visualisation tools. In Proceedings 5th RIAO Conference: Computer-Assisted Information Searching on the Internet, Montreal, Canada, 1997, P 55—74.

Cunningham, S.J. (1997) Approximating document descriptors: what to do when a catalog isn't available. In Proceedings Fourth Electronic Library Visual Information Research Conference, Elvira '97, Milton Keynes, UK, 1997, P 125—131.

Cunningham, S.J. (1997) Dataset cataloging metadata for machine learning applications and research. In Proceedings Sixth International Workshop on AI and Statistics '97, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, 1997.

Cunningham, S.J. (1997) Women in Computing, New Zealand: an Examination of enrolment patterns in three NZ Universities. In Proceedings International Conference on Computers in Education '97 Sarawak, Malaysia, 1997, P 752—761.

Cunningham, S.J., Holmes, G., Littin, J.N., Beale, R and Witten, I.H. (1997) Applying connectionist models to information retrieval. In Amari, Shun-ichi and Nikola Kasabov (Eds) Brain-like computing and intelligent information systems, 1997, Springer-Verlag, P 435—460.

Cunningham, S.J., Rogers, B. and Treweek, P. (1997) A Modular Computer Literacy Course In Proceedings the International Conference on Computers in Education '97, Sarawak, Malaysia, P 612-615.

Fridge, C.J., Kearney, P and Utting, M. (1997) A Formal Method for Building Concurrent Real-Time Software. In IEEE Software, 1997, P 99—106

Gomes, F.,Unger, B.,Cleary, J. and Franks, S. (1997) Multiplexed state saving for bounded rollback. In Andradottir, Sigrun, Kevin J. Healy, David H. Withers and Barry L. Nelson (eds). Proceedings Winter Simulation Conference, Georgia, USA, 1997, P 460—467.

Grundy, J.C., Hosking, J.G., and Mugridge, W.B. (1997) Visualising event-based software systems: issues and experiences. In Marlin, Chris (ed). Proceedings SoftVis’97–1997 Software Visualisation Workshop, Adelaide, Australia, 1997, P 77—86.

Grundy, J.C., Mugridge, W.B, and Hosking, J.B. (1997) Utilising past event histories in a process-centred software engineering environment In Bailes, Paul A. (ed). Proceedings Australian Software Engineering Conference, Sydney, Australia, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1997, P 127—136.

Hall, M.A. and Smith, L.A. (1997) Feature subset selection: a correlation based filter approach In Kasabov, Nikola, Robert Kozma, Kitty Do, Robert O’ Shea, George Coghill, Tom Gedeon (eds). Progress in Connectionist-based Information Systems, Proceedings International Conference on Neural Information Processing and Intelligent Information Systems, Vol 2, P 855—858.

Henson, M.C. and Reeves, S. (1997) Constructive Foundations for Z. In Kuru, S., M.U. Caglayan and H.L. Akin (eds). Proceedings ISCIS XII–Twelfth International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences, 1997, P 584—591.

Holmes, G.

Holmes, G. (1997) (1997) Discovering inter-attribute relationships. Discovering inter-attribute relationships. In Kasabov, Nikola, Robert Kozma, Kitty Do, Robert O’Shea, George Coghill, Tom Gedeon (eds). Progress in Connectionist-based Information Systems, Proceedings International Conference on Neural Information Processing and Intelligent Information Systems, Vol 2, 1997, P 914-917. In Proceedings ICONIP’97, Dunedin, New Zealand, 1997, P 914—917.

Holmes, G. and Rogers, W.J. (1997) Gathering and indexing rich fragments of the World-Wide Web. In Proceedings ICCE97, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, 1997, P 554—562.

Holmes, G. and Smith, T.C. (1997) Adding Some Spice to CS1 Curricula In Proceedings of SIGCSE-97, San Jose, California, P 204—208.

Mahoui-Guerni, M. (1997) Exploiting Semantic of Typed Objects Under an Optimistic Control in the Transactional Deferred Update Model: A Promising Approach. In Bry, Francois, Raghu Ramakrishnan and Kotagiri Ramamohanarao (Eds). 5th International Conference DOOD’97–Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases, Montreux, Switzerland, Springer-Verlag, 1997, P 140—157.

Martin, A., Nickson, R. and Utting, M. (1997) A Tactic Language for Ergo. In Groves, Lindsay and Steve Reeves (Eds). Proceedings Formal Methods Pacific ’97 Conference, 1997, P 186—207.

Nevill-Manning, C.G. and Witten, I.H. (1997) Inferring lexical and grammatical structure from sequences. Proc Compression and complexity of sequences, 1997, Positano, Italy, June.

Nevill-Manning, C.G., Witten, I.H and Paynter, G.P. (1997) Browsing in Digital Libraries: a phrase-based approach. In Allen, Robert B. and Edie Rasmussen (eds). Proceedings of the 2nd ACM International Conference on Digital Libraries, Philadelphia, PA, 1997, P 230—236.

Pearson, M.W., Graham, I and Martens, J. (1997) The Dag: An ATM Measurement Board. Proceedings Fourth Electronics New Zealand Conference (ENZCon’97), Auckland, New Zealand, 1997, P 35—39.

Pearson, M.W., Littin, R.H., McWha, J.A.D and Cleary, J.G. (1997) Applying Time Warp to CPU Design. In Proceedings Fourth International Conference on High-Performance Computing, Bangalore, India, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1997, P 290—295.

Pearson, M.W., McGregor, A.J., Holmes, G. and Littek, A. (1997) Teaching Computer Systems to Majors: a MIPS Based Solution. Proceedings Fourth Electronics New Zealand Conference (ENZCon’97), Auckland, New Zealand, 1997, P 117—122.

Smith, D.A. (1997) MixLog: A Generalized Rule-Based Language In Proceedings Sixth French Conference on Logic and Constraint Programming, Paris.

Smith, L.A., McNab, R.J., and Witten, I.H. (1997) Music information retrieval using audio input. Proc AAAI Spring Symposium on Intelligent Integration and Use of Text, Image, Video, and Audio Corpora, 1997, Stanford, CA.

Smith, T.C. and Cleary, J.G. (1997) Probabilistic Unification Grammars. In Proceedings Australasian Natural Language Processing Summer Workshop. Sydney, Australia, P 25—32.

Ting, K.M. and Witten, I.H. (1997) Stacked generalization: when does it work? Proc International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 1997, P 866-871, Japan, August.

Ting, K.M. and Witten, I.H. (1997) Stacking bagged and dagged models. Proc International Conference on Machine Learning, 1997, P 367-375, Nashville, Tennessee, July.

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Yeo, A and Barbour, R. (1997) Language use in software. In Halim, Zahran, Thomas Ottmann and Zaidah Razak (eds).Proceedings ICCE97–International Conference on Computers in Education, Sarawak, Malaysia, 1997, P 862—870.

Paynter, G.W., Witten, I.H., Cunningham, S.J. and Buchanan, G. Scalable browsing for large collections: a case study. Proc Fifth ACM Conference on Digital Libraries, San Antonio, Texas, June, ACM Press, P 215—223.


Apperley, M.D. (1997) Overview of the information, computer and communication technologies. In McGregor, D. (ed) The New Zealand knowledge base: Overview, Ministry of Research, Science and Technology, Wellington, 1997, P 35—40.

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