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Theses In Progress

Mohammed Alahmari
Off-grid energy monitoring

Mohammed Alanazi
Keeping track of reading material

Hayat Alqurashi
Ebooks in libraries

Aman Alsharif
Clone detection for reverse engineering

Saad Alzahrani
How to take an ebook off the shelf

Andrew de Lange
Power grid simulation

Amay Dighe
HWC - refining physical documents in an office environment

Jeffery Garae
User-centric visualisation of data provenance

Donovan Hoffman
Predicting cattle disease from behaviour

Yu-Hsin (Amigo) Huang
Collaborative drawing in HTML

Christopher Lorier
Resilience in distributed routing fabric

Michael Lundon
Data stream classification

Milton Markose
Cloud Security vulnerabilities, failures and outages

Michael May
Wireless network simulation at 60GHz

Meenakshee Mungro
Rating the significance of detected network events

Karthik Neelakanta Sharma
Database-backed redundant Open Flow controllers

Adrian Shaw
Partial order reduction with compositional verification

Bo Si
XNA development on the Raspberry Pi

Greg Smialowski
Drystock walkover weighing

Simon Wadsworth
LTE security

Lichao (Edward) Wang
XNA on Raspberry Pi

Min-Hsien (Sam) Weng
Automatic parallelization of data-driven JStar programs

Theses In Progress >> Masters Theses
Mohammed Alahmari - Off-grid energy monitoring

Date Completed: in progress

  2007 FCMS. The University of Waikato - Te Whare Wananga o Waikato