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Master of Computer Graphic Design (MCGD)

The MCGD is a one-year degree that stresses graphic design theory and original research. The MCGD is an opportunity to plan, develop and carry out a large scale design thesis realisation based on original research, collaboration with peers, members of the professional design industry and academic communities, in order to advance the body of design knowledge.

MCGD research is represented by both a written thesis and an exhibited design realisation. The written thesis and thesis realisation are two expressions of the same research and are thus assessed as a single unit. This arrangement reflects the symbiotic link between theory and practice in this discipline.

There is no option to take a written only or a realisation only MCGD. There is an option to take an approved taught paper alongside your research.

Entry Requirements
To enrol in the MCGD you must have completed the Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design (Honours) or equivalent.

Enrolment Information
To enrol for an MCGD programme, you need to fill in a standard University of Waikato enrolment form. If you are currently a student at the University of Waikato, a personalised, pre-printed re-enrolment form will be supplied for you, complete with the necessary details of your academic record. You can collect this from the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences office during October; if you are registered in another Faculty , ask about your form at your own Faculty office.

If you are not a University of Waikato student, you will need a combined application and enrolment form. Any of the departments within the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences can provide this form, or you may request one from the Enrolment Office. If you need any help in filling in the required information on your prior education and experience, or are not sure what documentation you need to supply with the form, please contact the Student Information Centre.

It is helpful if you can discuss the choice of your actual programme of study -that is, the courses you are going to take and the area in which you plan to write a thesis-with the chairperson or graduate advisor (the Director of Graduate Studies in Computer Graphic Design), and with the Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences. We will go over your entire proposed graduate programme with you, not just the courses you plan to take in the first year. The outcome of the discussion will be recorded on a programme form, which is different from the University enrolment form. If you cannot come to the University in person, we can discuss your proposed programme by email or on the telephone.

Once your programme of study has been decided, and the Departmental programme form and the University enrolment forms are filled in, please leave them with the Dean of the Faculty who will send your enrolment application through the appropriate University channels. The formal deadline for applications is the beginning of December, however, we can admit suitable applicants right up to the beginning of the university year, early in March. The University can impose penalties for late enrolment so you will have to discuss your situation with the Enrolment Office if we receive your application after 1 December.

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