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Bachelor of Science with Honours (BSc(Hons))

The BSc(Hons) is a one-year graduate qualification, available to students who have completed a BSc at the University of Waikato, and who have reached a high standard in their major subject.

Intending candidates for the degree should discuss these requirements first with the Dean.

Degree Regulations
The regulations which govern the awarding of the BSc(Hons) degree are published in the University Calendar.

The programme of study consists of 120 points (four papers) at 500 level, including a dissertation equivalent to 30 points. The degree will be awarded with First Class Honours, Second Class Honours (first division), Second Class Honours (second division) or Third Class Honours. It will not be awarded without Honours - a failure to reach the required level for honours means that the degree as a whole is failed.

Entry Requirements
Each subject has its own entry and programme requirements for the degree. For 2013 these will be as follows:

Computer Science
Candidates will require an average grade of A- in at least 80 points (four papers) at 300 level in Computer Science. The chosen programme of study for the honours degree must include 90 points at 500 level in Computer Science plus COMP591, the dissertation worth 30 points.

Candidates will require a major in Mathematics in the BSc degree with an average grade of B in 80 points in 300 level Mathematics. There are no special paper requirements other than those implied by the BSc(Hons) degree regulations.

Candidates will require B+ grades or better in at least 60 points in 300 level Statistics in the BSc and must have passed the prerequisites for the 500 level papers they wish to enrol in.

Enrolment Information
Full details of papers, regulations, enrolment procedures, accommodation, bursaries and degree structures will be found in the University Calendar, available from school careers advisers, at public libraries, or directly from the The Student Information Centre, The Gateway/Te Kuaha, The University of Waikato, Private Bag 3105, Hamilton. Phone 07 838 4176 or Wordphone 0800waikato or Fax 07 838 4370.

More specifically, the Enrolment Home Page provides the necessary details of how to enrol.

Returning Students can enrol online through iWaikato.

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