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Craig Taube-Schock (Dr)


  • Room No: G.2.04
  • Telephone: +64 7 838 4768
  • Extension: 4768
  • Facsimile: +64 7 838 4155

Research Interests
Craig has recently completed his PhD thesis entitled "Patterns of Change: Can Modifiable Software Have High Coupling?."

I am interested in improving development and maintenance of medium and large-scale software systems. Software systems are subject to constant change pressures and because of this, they must remain flexible. The evolution of a software system is heavily dependent on its structure.

The field of network theory has been used to analyze complex systems in a variety of different fields and has shown that specific structural characteristics contribute greatly to the evolvability of the system. It is my goal to validate network theory as a viable mechanism for evaluating the evolvability of software systems.

You can access a selection of my papers here

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