General Notes

Choice of Papers
General Notes

It is not necessary to have any background knowledge of computers to begin studying computing at University level, but this may influence your initial choice of papers. Whether you intend to major in Computer Science, or intend to take only a few basic papers, you will find sufficient choice at 100 Level for a good foundation on which to build further studies.

Your selection of papers should be based on your own needs and interests, but you should also check the prerequisites for papers you may want to take in future years, and make sure you enrol in any you will need.

Specialisations in Computer Science
Nine specialisations of the BCMS major and ten specialisations of the BSc major in computer science are available from 200 level. They include various essential papers at 200 level, 300 level and (for BCMS only) 400 level. Some specialisations also suggest additional recommended papers – you should try to take as many of these as you can, since they will strengthen your degree and give you a better understanding of how your specialisation fits into the rest of the world. A few specialisations also contain highly recommended papers – although these are not compulsory, you should try especially hard to include them as they cover an important aspect of the specialisation.

Supporting Programmes
If you intend to take only two or three Computer Science papers as support for another major subject, you should enrol initially in COMP123A/B/S The Computing Experience. The Computing Experience provides an introduction to computers and their use and can lead to the Applied Computing programme, or to further general Computer Science study at 200 Level. This should also be your choice if you wish to take only one paper in Computer Science and have no previous experience.

COMP124 He Tomokanga ki te Ao Rorohiko is a paper conducted entirely in the Maori language which very closely follows the curriculum of COMP123A/B/S The Computing Experience.

The lecturers for each paper may be listed in each paper's course outline. If not, the list will be available from the Computer Science office.

Corresponding Papers
You may not credit both corresponding papers for your qualification.

Prerequisite Papers
Where a paper is listed as a prerequisite for another paper, an unrestricted pass (C grade or better; not a restricted pass) is required in the prerequisite paper before you may enrol in the paper for which it is a requirement.

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