CIG: The Collaborative Information Gathering Project (HCI)

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WEKA: The Waikato Environment for Knowledge Analysis Project

CIG: The Collaborative Information Gathering Project (HCI)

Mark Apperley, John Grundy (Auckland University), John Hosking (Auckland University), Steve Jones, Masood Masoodian, Rick Mugridge (Auckland University), Bill Rogers, Kirsten Thomson

A major project in collaborative information gathering has been in progress for five years, and is supported by the Public Good Science Fund and the New Economy Research Fund. This work involves the development of tools and techniques for collaboration in the extraction of data from a variety of sources, including the WWW and corporate databases, to satisfy some predefined goal. The current target application focuses on the client-consultant collaboration in the travel industry, and software under development and evaluation includes tools to support the systematic extraction of data from unstructured formes (e.g. hotel information on the WWW), WWW navigation and revisiting of previously discovered sites, and interactive visualisations of plans and histories.

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Sample Publications
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