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The coordinator for a paper is the person to ask concerning administrative matters for that paper. Where two or more staff members are listed as lecturers for a paper, the first named is the coordinator.

Corequisite Papers

A corequisite must be taken in association with the paper for which the corequisite is specified. For example, if paper X is a corequisite for paper Y, then you may enrol in paper Y only if either you have already passed paper X or are concurrently enrolled in it.

Corresponding Papers

You may not credit both corresponding papers for your qualification.

Prerequisite Papers

A prerequisite paper is one which normally must be passed before you may enrol in the paper for which it is a requirement. Where a paper is listed as a prerequisite for another paper, an unrestricted pass (C grade or better; not a restricted pass) is required in the prerequisite paper before you may enrol in the paper for which it is a requirement.

Semesterised Papers

Semesterisation of papers changes from year to year. A paper offered in the A semester in one year will not necessarily be offered in the same semester in the following; the same applies to B semester papers. When you are planning your programme of study please do not rely on papers being offered in the same semester in future years.

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