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The HCI group at Waikato works with many other groups and institutions to achieve our research objectives. These ties are both domestic (within the university and external) and international, and include academic institutions and industry. Some of our collaborators are listed below.


Within the University

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The New Zealand Digital Library

One of the key areas for study of HCI is information seeking and retieval. The New Zealand Digital Library research group has developed a software system that allows the creation and search of digital collections. This system provides much opportunity for the investigation of new interfaces for information seeking and retrieval, as well as studying real life information seeking behaviour.

In New Zealand

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The University of Auckland Computer Science Department

At the University of Auckland, John Grundy and Rick Mugridge are working on new developments in Large Interactive Display Surfaces (LIDS). John is interested in how the LIDS technology can be used to assist in design activities, particularly software and building design. Rick is working on a double-ended pen-style input device, and its possible applications for richer interaction with the screen.

Beryl Plimmer, a former PhD student with the HCI group is also working at the University of Auckland.


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Future Interaction Technology Lab, Swansea University,Wales.

Former HCI Group researchers Matts Jones and George Buchanan, bith deeply interested in handheld devices and interfaces for information seeking, have joined longtime collaborator Harold Thoibleby in Wales. Matt maintains close ties to students and former colleagues at the University of Waikato.


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