hci resources on the web

The web has a vast amount of information about HCI, and this page has links to just some of the available resources.

General HCI

HCI Bibliography

The HCI Bibilography contains bibliographic records of vast amounts of published work on HCI, which is searchable from this site. The site also has information about HCI, links to other web sites and some developer resources.

HCI Labs

This site contains a long list of HCI research labs, academic, government and industrial. The list is grouped by country and sorted alphabetically.


This site is a guide to statistical mathematics for HCI researchers. Written by Alan Dix, this site conatins discussions, demonstrations and a good selection of links.


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The University of Waikato Usability Laboratory

This site describes the facilities at here at Waikato. The site includes usability guidelines, stuidies you can participate in, information about how to set up a study, and contact details for the lab itself if you would like help running a study.


Useit.com is the homepage of usability guru Jakob Nielsen, and contains links to his Alertbox column on web usability, web books on usability and usability news. This site is searchable.

IBM's Ease of Use

This site comtaims IBM's ideas about usability. It presents usability from developer, marketing and user perspectives, and has a wealth of resources, including guidelines, stories, and template documents.

Usability First

Provides a good basic overview of usability and has a lot of information about web usability and how to achieve it. Also has a good basic overview of accessibility for the disabled.

Usability News

Links to up-to-date news from industry about usability issues. Also has a good list of up-coming conferences and current calls-for-papers.

Professional Societies

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The ACM's special interest group in computer human interaction. This site has news relating to ACM HCI activities, conference links and the ACM publications on HCI.

Usability Professionals' Association

This association is for those working in the field of usability, they hold their own conference every year, and have a consultant's directory. The site has a good resource list and a job bank.

British HCI Group

The HCI arm of the British Computer Society. Their site has links to news conferences and resources on the web. They also have consultant services and a good list of where there is training available in Britain in the field of HCI.


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