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The University of Waikato Usability Laboratory

This lab is one of the greatest assests of the HCI Group at Waikato. Opened in 2001, this lab is a part of much of the research going on in the Computer Science department, as well as providing usability engineering services to IT businesses.

The lab has been carefully designed to allow many kinds of study to take place, and to provide all the technology necessary for a successful and well documented study. Facilities include:

  • A single user room
  • A group user room
  • A foyer area for meeting participants
  • An observation room
  • Audio recording facilities
  • Video recording capabilities customizable to the study
  • Video viewing and editing facilities

This equipment allows for great flexibility when designing a study, and assists greatly in the documentation and analysis of study results.

The lab is available for external usability studies. If you are interested in conducting some kind of usability study, contact Sally Jo Cunningham.

Large Interactive Display Surfaces (LIDS)

The LIDS technology can be used for meetings, lecture capture, and group design sessions. There are a number of LIDS screens in use at Waikato, including a fixed screen in the New Zealand Digital Library lab, used largely for software demonstrations in meetings, and a free-standing screen which has been used in usability studies, student collaborative projects, and usablity study design.

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