People Involved

Local contacts

Waikato University

General questions: Registration:
Auckland University
  • Nick Hay - nhat005 |at|

  • Carl Schultz - carl.schultz |at|

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
  • Angela Voice - avoice |at|

Canterbury University
  • Amali Weerasinghe - acw51 |at|
Lincoln University
  • Alan McKinnon - mckinnon |at|
Massey University
  • Jonathan Giles (Palmerston North Campus) - jo |at|
  • Guy Kloss (Albany Campus) - G.Kloss |at|
Otago University
  • Phil McLeod - pmcleod |at|
Victoria University
  • Sergio Hernandez - sergio |at|

Guest Speakers


  • Kirsten Manning (Google New York)
  • Gordon Paynter (National Library of New Zealand)
  • Tyrone McAuley (Sidhe Interactive)
  • Richard Green (University of Canterbury)


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