Conference Program

This is a preliminary version of the conference program and is still subject to change. In respect of the invited talks, workshops, discussions, discussion groups, social event, etc. please feel free to tell us your ideas, suggestions, and wishes via the forum. Just have a look in the forum and participate in designing your conference program to ensure that you get the most valuable experience out of it.

A downloadable version of this program (in PDF format) is available here.

Tuesday 10th April

  • Conference Start
  • 3.30pm - 5.00pm
  • Conference Registration at Te Kohinga Marama Marae
  • 5.00pm - 6.00pm
  • Kawa Powhiri (welcoming ceremony)
  • 6.00pm
  • Conference Opens. Dinner - Hangi

Wednesday 11th April

  • Breakfast
  • 9.00am - 10.50am
  • Paper Presentations, Session 1 (Session Chair: Judy Bowen)
  • 1.1 Topical Indexing with WordNet

    1.2 Introducing Problem Templates and Their Effect on Learning in Intelligent Tutoring Systems

    1.3 Turning the Page of an Electronic Book

    1.4 Towards a General Model of Self-Explanation for Constraint-Based Tutoring Systems

  • Morning break (20 min)
  • 11.10am - 12.00pm
  • Keynote 1 - Tyrone McAuley, Sidhe (Session Chair: Craig Anslow)
  • 12.00pm - 1.30pm
  • Lunch with discussion groups on specific CS areas [1]
  • 1.30pm - 3.20pm
  • Paper Presentations, Session 2 (Session Chair: Veronica Liesaputra)
  • 2.1 A Framework for Supporting the Application of Qualitative Reasoning

    2.2 A Constraint-Based Intelligent Tutoring System for the Java Programming Language

    2.3 Computational Model of Plan Competition in the Prefrontal Cortex

    2.4 Computing Semantic Relatedness using Wikipedia Link Structure

  • Afternoon break (10 min)
  • 3.30pm - 4.20pm
  • Panel Discussion - Where to head off once graduated? [Details]
  • 4.45pm - 7:30pm
  • WaikatoLink Suits and Geeks Networking Event, including dinner and keynote talk from Craig Nevill-Manning, Google. (Session Chair: Mark Apperly)
  • 7.30pm onwards
  • Open discussion with Craig Nevill-Manning and the Waikato Linux Users Group

Thursday 12th April

  • Breakfast
  • 9.00am - 10.50am
  • Paper Presentations, Session 3 (Session Chair: David Milne)
  • 3.1 X3D Software Visualisation

    3.2 Parallel Logit-Logistic Fuzzy-Colour Constancy and Automatic Parallel Colour Contrast Rule Extraction

    3.3 Intelligent Tutoring Systems Respecting Human Nature

    3.4 Exploring Better Techniques for Diagram Recognition

  • Morning break (20 min)
  • 11.10am - 12.00pm
  • Keynote 3 - Ian Foster, University of Chicago (Session Chair: David Milne)
  • 12.00pm - 1.00pm
  • Lunch
  • 1.00pm - 2.50pm
  • Workshop - How to successfully complete a research degree [2]
  • Afternoon break (20 min)
  • 3.10pm - 4.30pm
  • Paper Presentations, Session 4 (Session Chair: Craig Anslow)
  • 4.1 Increasing the Expressiveness of Subscriptions and Advertisements in Distributed Content-Based Publish/Subscribe Systems

    4.2 Fitting Spatial Ability and Free-Formed Questions into Intelligent Tutoring Systems Development

    4.3 The Great Keyboard Debate: QWERTY versus Dvorak

  • 4.45pm - 5.40pm
  • Poster Session
  • 6.00pm
  • BBQ Dinner at Waingaro Hot Springs

Friday 13th April

  • Breakfast
  • 9.00am - 10.50am
  • Paper Presentations, Session 5 (Session Chair: Kathryn Hempstalk)
  • 5.1 Wireless Sensor Networks for Agricultural Applications

    5.2 Optimised Transparent and Automated Handoff between WLAN and WWAN

    5.3 An Improved Encryption Key Management System for IEEE 802.16 Mesh Mode Security Using Simulation

    5.4 Building in Web Application Security at the Requirements Stage: A Tool for Visualizing and Evaluating Security Trade-Offs

  • Morning break (20 min)
  • 11.10am - 12.00am
  • Paper Presentations, Session 6 (Session Chair: Sam Bartels)
  • 6.1 Model Checking Nonblocking Data Structures

    6.2 Formal Methods and Refinement for User-Centered Design Artefacts

  • Break (10 min)
  • 12.10pm - 1.00pm
  • Keynote 4 - Nigel Scott, Park Road Post (Session Chair: Sam Bartels)
  • 1.00pm - 2.00pm
  • Lunch and announcement of the awards for Best Presentation and Best Poster
  • Conference Ends

Explanations for workshops and discussion groups:

  1. Discussions on specific CS areas
    These discussions will be informal but organised in form of thematic groups during the first lunch at the conference (e.g. 1 lunch table per group). 1 or 2 experts will be present if possible, and students will introduce themselves and talk about related work.
  2. How to successfully complete a research degree
    This workshop could include topics such as:
    • how to write a thesis?
    • how to write a paper?
    • how to give a presentation?
    And all other topics that those who have their PhD already see as related. Students will be encouraged to post their questions for this workshop on the conference's forum, so that organisers get an idea about what should be discussed.

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