WorldTree - development

WorldTree 2 is work-in-progress. It provides on-line access to an Internet search engine so that when you click on the mouse, the nearest piece of text is selected and used as a search term in an Internet search. The response that is received is streamed onto the screen at the point at which the click occurred.

A beta-version is available and can be downloaded.

Please ensure that you are connected to the Internet before you run the program, otherwise it will be similar to WorldTree 1.1.


  Download WorldTree 2 for Mac OSX (2.7 Mb)

   Download WorldTree 2 for Windows (2.2 Mb)

© Raewyn Turner & Colin Beardon, 2004

Professor Colin Beardon
Dept of Computer Science
University of Waikato
Private Bag 3105
New Zealand

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