Colin Beardon

Professor in the
Department of Computer Science
University of Waikato
New Zealand

Postal address:
Department of Computer Science
University of Waikato
Private Bag 3105
New Zealand

I am involved in a number of research projects concerned with how artists and designers currently use computer technology, and with the development of new tools and techniques for their future use.

Tel: (+64) 7 858 5053
Fax: (+64) 7 858 5095

Publications       CV

projects & associations

Digital Creativity
co-editor of the journal

Digital Collage 
The Digital Bauhaus 
(Multimedia and Roman Social History)
Visual Assistant
(software for visualisation in theatre)
Computers in Art & Design Education
IFIP Working Group 9.5:
Applications and Social Implications of Virtual Worlds 

IFIP Working Group 9.2:
Social Accountability and Computers

(3D environments on networks for Artists & Designers)
Iconic Communication