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Ubiquitous & Personal Computing Human Issues

I am interested in the design of the user experience in the emerging area of 'ubiquitous' computing. My collaborative work in this area includes mobile phone interaction (e.g., take a look at a phone demonstration related to our Markov model paper), handheld and microscreen searching & browsing, off-line/ online searching and large screen displays.

My current and past - project work in this area includes:

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  1. Mobile 'phone Web access - WAP and users
  2. Handheld computer and mobile phone Web access
  3. Navigating menus on mobile phones

Co-editing a special issue of PUC on multimodal interaction for mobile and wearable devices, and workshop/SI on mobile information access


At Waikato we have an exciting and diverse HCI group. Get in touch if you want to join us we are always looking for keen Masters and PhD students.