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Completed Bachelor with Honours Students in Computer Science

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Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design with Honours (BCGD(Hons)) Students

Chow, Man YuHow do toy characters with similar theme represented through their form?2007
Dunn, ChristopherHow can the photographer become an active participant in sport photography and can it change the communication value?2007
Filer, AndreaThe Customisable Brand: Engaging consumers through co-creation in branding and visual identity2007
Harvey, AdamHow realistically are animated animals depicted and how can this be challenged?2007
Ing, JamesAdvergames: Soap operas of the 21st century2007
Kea, BonnyThe utilisation of typography and its role in brand identity2007
Lane, BenjaminHow can the strengths of digital photography be harnessed to provide new and innovative means of ideation as part of the graphic design process?2007
Lu, Meng-HsuanThe roles of colour in facilitating autistic children’s learning and communication2007
Pratt, MartinInteractivity and nightclub culture: the use of haptic and visual devices to enhance the nightclub experience2007
Travers, SarahThe awarenes and importance of accessibility within graphic design2007
Wei, Chih-ChiehTypographic design in children’s books2007
Williamson, AlyssaHow identity, revealed through avatar design, influences the customization of interfaces for children’s educational multimedia2007
Giles, KathrynIs local colour an important factor in object recognition for preschool children?2007
Ackerley, NgaireNarratives in still photography without text: consideration for composing a narrative in still photojournalistic image(s)2008
Ye, ZiRethink Pink: Branding to women through offline and online channels2008
Arbuckle, RachelThe integration of type and image in graphic design2009
Faber, MaryNew Zealand type on display2009
Geurts, TimothyIs there a design style in corporate identity that is effective and persistent and how can this be used to our advantage in the recession?2009
Poole, KiraParticipatory design can be used as a tool for evoking responses and enabling young people to have awareness and help with depression in New Zealand2009
Sahay, AmritaWhat are the most effective methods of advertising using interactive media in public spaces?2009
Williams, ChristopherHow can one generate effective motion graphic television advertisements for a socially responsible campaign in a collaborative environment?2009
Zhao, BohengIs extreme visual hyperbole better than common visual hyperbole in advertising for promoting the benefits of products?2009
Bartels, BenCan graphic agitation be delivered using a counter culture aesthetic in mainstream media?2010
Bradstreet, ShaneCommunication of musical genres with design2010
Hallahan, BenIncorporating hypertext methods to enhance the presentation and navigation of statistical information in a printed medium2010
Hill, AnnaDoes typography influence children's ability to read from interactive whiteboards?2010
Lad, KapilIs the mobile medium a viable medium for graphic designers to promote themselves on?2010
Lin, Zi Lei (Cherry)Will interactivity enhance the user experience and learning outcomes when applied to static museum displays?2010
Meek, KerrinHow can graphic designers use social networking sites in the design process?2010
Middleton, SarahDigital storytelling is effective for social advertising in television commercials2010
Peters, EliHow can digital effects and compositions create a greater sense of ‘realism’ for film?2010
Tian, Ya'Ou (Leona)Visual trends in web design, 1999-20092010
Benfell, NicholaEnhancing the reading experience for children aged 9-13 with ebook design on the iPod touch2011
Denny, JecobaInterface design considerations for children’s electronic book catalogue applications2011
Fong, AdrianCreating environmental awareness using graphic design activism2011
Jones, GraceExpressive typography and illustrations in children’s picture books2011
Sherman, StephenVisual web trends: typography and layout on the World Wide Web 20112011
Stoltz, MericiaGiving time-related visualisations the time of day2011
Tian, PascalA study of modern game development process: looking into the technical and mental challenges developers face2011
Drury, SarannaAn investigation into the evolution of script typography2012
Gray, HaylieAn investigation in to New Zealand decorative typography2012
O'Sullivan, DairneAn exploration of responsive web design for Wikipedia2012
Ryan, PatrickRatio and characteristics of cuteness2012
Scheurich, KelseyUsing animation and typography together to express a message effectively2012
Du, YuchenHow the orientation cues used in printed books are translated to ebooks2013
Hutton, JaimieInvestigating the role of shape in visual communication for childhood learning2013
Jay, Shaun2D to 3D player interaction within the extra dimension2013
McMillan, HaydenRelationships between presentation and mechanic in adventure games2013
Liu, Lucy DanyangIs non-textual narrative illustration an effective way for communication?2014

Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences with Honours (BCMS(Hons)) Students

Duggan, GrahamParallel implementation of the Dynamic Time Warping Algorithm for spoken word recognition1988
Thomas, PeterA parallel (MIMD) image processor for speech spectrograms1988
Lee, Oh TeeDatabase development of the New Zealand bed and breakfast system using entity-relationship modelling and relational design technique1989
Siew, Soh MeiApplication of HyperText storage structure for CoSy1989
Yeo, Nai HuatImplementing the International Standards Organisation (ISO) Modula-2 input and output standard library1989
Hunt, DarrenAn investigation in optical character recognition1990
Sen, NaleanComputer Science Research Report1990
Tan, Swee Bee MarjorieAn analysis of a special computerized identikit system for the New Zealand Police – CompuEye1990
Wheadon, RobertExtending Logic Simulation in CAD11990
Wong, DerekComputer Science Research Report1990
Armstrong, PhillipA simulation engine1991
Ching, ClarkeLife in a spreadsheet1991
Gui, Tian MengA study on financial expert systems and the design and development of a prototype stock expert system1991
Hall, MarkComputer improvisation of Blues melodies1991
Leong, GingerAnalysis and design of a marketing information system1991
Lim, LilyA case study of end-user computing1991
Louie, JulieEvaluation criteria for generalized audit software1991
McDonald, IanA Windows based audio editor1991
Pepler, JonA post implementation review method for information systems1991
Rennie, PhilipConstruction of a heraldic database1991
Tan, TonyA comparative study of the working relationships between information systems manager and senior managers in New Zealand and Singapore1991
Trigg, LeonardMachine learning and heuristics in game playing1991
Wilson, DeakinDesign and implementation of a folding editor for Turbo Pascal1991
Wood, CarolineAutomatic generation of attribute frames from a natural language text1991
Worthington, DavidTransputer network simulator1991
Beetham, KyleDigital multimedia database1992
Colley, AlbanMultiple disk architectures: the small computer connection interface (SCSI), and the implementation of a disk device driver1992
Court, PhilipSpatial data modelling representing and reasoning with land contours1992
Davies, RodPascal program compression1992
de Jong, RemkoComputer caricature generation1992
Donkin, AndrewComputer generation and animation of three dimensional landscapes from a topographical database1992
Field, JasonMultimedia retrieval1992
Fletcher, DaleTools for DVI based graphical user interface construction1992
Hale, DavidThe use of incremental graphical simulation for the modelling of car suspension geometry1992
Hunt, StephenInvestigation of Hex strategies1992
Inglis, StuartInvestigating semi-automatic feature extraction from paper based maps1992
Irvine, SeanImplementation of a new facilities layout algorithm1992
Mak, Wing KaiEvaluating multimedia software performance1992
Malcolm, AndrewHuman face drawing1992
Montgomery, GregFeature extraction from multi-band data1992
Munn, ShaneGUESS ... the graphical expert system shell1992
Nankivell, JohnAn integrated transputer server, link configurer, and duplicating loader1992
Niederberger, KevinA transputer based distributed controller for an IVAX SCARA robot1992
Sellars, RaymondEnvironment interfaces1992
Stokes, DavidGeneric word processor for pre-literate people1992
Vallabh, MikeLEAD: an automatic program builder for Modula-21992
Aish, GarySound synthesiser parameter grouping1993
Chan, ChristopherAlgorithm animation in XTANGO1993
Cheng, Abel Wing YanThe evaluation of point-click actions of mouse users1993
Fife, MurrayMachine learning of concepts through examples1993
Fraser, ColinAircraft management system analysis, design and implementation1993
Jones, MarkVDH - a vocal digital harmoniser1993
Kant, RajneshA rigorous implementation of data constraints on Microsoft Access1993
Leach, GeorgeProblems in automated crochet doily design1993
Litten, RichardThe pen input of mathematical expressions1993
Loveless, TimMicro-controller PCB drilling machine1993
Martin, AngelaThe concept clock: prototypes for a time tool for teachers1993
Mather, SashaGroup decision support systems1993
McPherson, VaughanDevelopment of an appliance timer switch for the visually impaired1993
Mitchell, Robert ScottInteractive PostScript interpretation1993
Monk, TrevorComputer assisted sightsinging training implementation of a sightsinging tutor (SST-1)1993
Newfield, MarkImproving the Hopfield Neural Networks recognition ability1993
Pala, DipeshThe AVC booking system1993
Sukhdeo, SujataA real estate sales system using digital multimedia1993
Yeo, AlvinDetecting learning strategies of first year computer science students in a spreadsheet tutorial environment1993
Annabell, DavidDistributed processing1994
Brunton, MatthewUltrasonic position detection1994
Cave, AndrewDigital video eye-tracking1994
Chan, ChungComputer supported collaborative work (CSCW) table designer1994
Chaplow, ScottCaricature generation1994
Cleveland, MarkLanguage inference from a closed-class vocabulary1994
Cockerton, CraigNo duplicates filing system1994
Flintoff, GrantA simulator for CPU architectures1994
Hart, RohanText VR: virtual reality in a text only environment1994
Hostler, VaughanUltrasonic position detection: a study of virtual reality1994
Howat, JasonFlexible 2D morphing movie creator1994
Littin, JamesA handwriting input system for mathematical computation1994
May, SimonDesign of a minimal 68000 microprocessor1994
McFarlane, ChrisCommunication and distributed control system incorporating multiple degrees of freedom1994
Nicholls, JeremyComputer modelling of architecture for virtual reality1994
Nolan, MarkA user interface management system1994
Oliver, RossThe 3D solar system simulator1994
Ramsay, JohnComputer improvisation of poetry1994
Rutherford, WarwickGeneric simulation using graphical techniques1994
Stewart, KevinPC network security: making users accountable for their actions1994
Thompson, GeoffDevelopment of a graphics accelerator1994
Ward, MichaelDairy farmer acquisition of microcomputers1994
Yam, Man WaSimulation of motorcycle suspension system1994
Baird, AngelaMUD simulation game1995
Day, GregoryPALs: populations of artificial lifeforms1995
Fryer, TonyAnimating simple formal machines1995
Gianoutsos, SimonCSCW support in an ER CASE tool1995
Hand, NigelAn improvisation tutoring system1995
MacDonald, ReganDigital-video head tracking1995
Madapathage, NadeekaFunctional programming for machine learning1995
Metcalfe, DionImproving produce quality in the dairy industry via automated monitoring of process control data1995
O'Connor, SeanThe design of an infra red range finding system1995
O'Hagan, RochelleTree pruning and growth simulation1995
Over, SimonA 3D browser for online library catalogues1995
Paynter, GordonFractal image compression1995
Richardson, CraigString indexing of a musical database1995
Roberts, LanceThe WarpEngine assembler1995
Scothern, AndrewComparison of object-oriented and structured systems analysis and design methodologies1995
Shaw, StephenTime-space cache for the Warp Engine: a functional design1995
Tribble, BryanChordal keyboard interface for Macintosh1995
Trigg, DannyThe visualisation of One Day cricket information1995
Chester, MichaelThe display and manipulation of abstract trees1996
Choo, Chit-YengMachine learning - 2R and beyond1996
Dalgleish, AaronHands-free car driving1996
Donnelly, StephenA mechatronic teaching kit1996
Green, GregDigital video arm tracking1996
Hodge, StephenArmand’s World1996
Hooper, DavidThe issues involved in producing a praser and formatter for the formal specification language Z1996
Latif, SheenaTeachers information manager1996
Lawrence, ChrisKeyboard Harmony Tutor1996
Martens, JedThe advanced cycle computer1996
Martin, SteleAnalysis of ATM Traffic1996
May, RichardInteractive construction of graphical user interfaces1996
McChesney, AndrewGymnastics competition data processing1996
McNickle, StephenA shared workstation utility1996
Murdoch, AndrewThe Rose Diagram1996
Raine, BrucePen-based character recognition for a mathematics package1996
Sanson, MarcThe information systems digital library: developing a methodology to gather requirements1996
Drupsteen, FrancesCellular coverage in an urban environment1997
Endres, GregAn optimistic block based distributed file system1997
Hardy, GeoffDynamic object modeling in real time1997
Houthuyzen, TinekeAutomatic chord generation1997
Hunt, RichardDesign support for hypermedia documents1997
Kennett, PaulMaking PRIMELA cool1997
Ludlow, BoydDocument Clustering1997
Mason, RichardTable based protocol analyser1997
McInnes, ShonaA novel graphical query system for the New Zealand Digital Library1997
McNickle, KristineAn unobtrusive arithmetic tutor1997
Miller, PaulProgramming in a spreadsheet1997
Naulls, PeterSather and language portability1997
Peeters, RossCompressing natural language text1997
Richards, KevinProducing source code from structure diagrams1997
Shadbolt, MichaelHypertext tools for Stagecraft1997
Su, ShaohuiReliable analog and digital mechatronic controller board1997
Suter, StewartRemote home maintenance system1997
Szetu, HenryA digitising whiteboard system1997
Thomson, KirstenData analysis with the WEKA Workbench1997
Wilson, BenjaminThe search for artificial society1997
Baker, TonyThree-dimensional teaching aid1998
Bartley, JohnathanDynamic queries in a digital library1998
Boyle, PeterWeb browsing using virtual reality1998
Chandran, KelvinVideo rental advisor1998
Chiu, ElaineMusic data entry voice1998
Clarke, ChrisStorage and retrieval of multimedia meeting records1998
Clayton, RogerDeclarative debugger for the Starlog programming language1998
Cook, PaulCollaborative browsing on the World Wide Web (WWW)1998
Dunwoody, JamesPointer control in C++1998
Edge, AdrianAn animated graphical interface for Starlog1998
Foster, RowanRugby play design and demonstration1998
Gallagher, RichardA simulated study of WWW caching strategies1998
Geraghty, JacobVirtual shopping mall creation1998
Lomas, MichaelFacial animation: anatomically correct eyes1998
Lurman, KarlIRC conversation browser1998
McClennan, AlexComputer-aided Spanish language learning1998
Miller, DavidVHDL design and implementation of a microprocessor1998
Reeve, GregSpeech interface to the New Zealand Digital Library1998
Riley, JacintaAssisting “Research” on the World Wide Web1998
Russell, TaniaSetCalc+1998
Simmons, DavidDesign of a switch for the WarpEngine1998
Verner, StaceyPOV-Talk: a natural language interface to POV-Ray1998
Allan, IanAn interactive city tour1999
Anderson, GrantComparing programming paradigms1999
Barber, KentFree form deformation for facial animation1999
Carruthers, DylanKey phrases in the digital library1999
Chui, ChangAdaptive correction of spelling errors1999
Curtis, JamesAnalysis of voice traffic over IP1999
Garratt, MichaelMultiway audio conferencing1999
Garty, ChrisThe University database miner1999
Hart, MichaelA garbage collected heap manager1999
Haszard Morris, RuaDigital scratching1999
Long, Mark Tian TeckPiano sight-reading game1999
Mankelow, TrentThe New Zealand School Journal: a digital library for teachers and students1999
Purvis, JonathanBlock based distributed file systems1999
Dewar, SelenaPlay-by-ear piano game2000
Hamilton, DavidMachine learning for bass line composition2000
Joyce, SarahTraffic on the Internet - Report2000
Kirkby, RichardAlternating decision trees2000
Long, BrendanNiupepa: interface design2000
Lorenz, MichelleUsing super adjacency for text compression2000
Lorier, PerryImplementation of a network simulator2000
Lundy, StephenInteractive document summarisation2000
McCutcheon, KayneThe University of Waikato Usability Engineering Laboratory: software development2000
Phillips, MalcomCFG evolution2000
Radford, AndrewRemote weather station2000
Thornburrow, GeoffDocument image highlighting2000
van Dijk, PieterAutomatic event detection system2000
Webb, DavidTelevision content matching2000
Bluett, AaronUsing machine learning for mail filtering2001
Briscoe, TraceyHardware HTTP server2001
Bull, AndrewArtificial life digital library2001
Chiu, Kevin Tsz YeungIXP1200 network measurement system2001
Christensen, AlanWeb image indexing2001
Deo, ShaleenDigital libraries for the illiterate2001
Dewsnip, MichaelFast generic function for Dylan2001
Dunlop, HayleyA digital library of expressions – a communication aid for people with profound disabilities2001
Johnson, ThomasSports prediction using machine learning2001
Johnston, BennieEvaluation of Starlog in a robotic programming environment2001
Richardson, GlenBracing add-on for ArchiCAD2001
Sharp, GerardEfficient hardware implementation of effective packet signature algorithms2001
Sherran, BrettAlternate techniques for extracting and displaying information from the New Zealand Digital Library2001
Shukla, PreetiUsage log analysis for a digital library2001
Thompson, JohnGathaen: a tool for gathering and enriching a DL collection2001
Thurston, JessicaWeb proxy evaluation2001
van Weerd, JosieEvaluating Web navigation tools2001
Voyle, PhillipMathematical formula editing2001
Ware, MalcolmMultivariate discretization2001
Baker, JesseRobot navigation using a cognitive map2002
Budd, DarylPATI: accessing travel itinerary information using PDA’s2002
Catchpole, Jason3D visualization for Greenstone, Digital Library2002
Golightly, AndrewAn experimental speech-to-graphics system2002
Hunt, RachaelMetadata extraction from music files2002
Jain, PreetiCombining offline and online life using handheld computing2002
Krishnan, AnuparmaAutomated architectural plan layouts2002
Lim, JonathanTesting a Java graphical user interface2002
Singh, AshneetWireless Bluetooth headset2002
van de Molen, ChrisSpeech and intelligence2002
Wood, GregorySpeech and intelligence2002
Andrews, MarkJazzing up web pages with a little animation2003
Cheng, Tzu-ChiangLaid-back searching using a handheld computer2003
Cleland, BenApplication of machine learning to real-time control of an autonomy operating within a continuous system2003
Cuthbertson, AileneAn investigation into the feasibility of using context cues to assist in journey planning using 3D models2003
Goldthorpe, RachelInteractive visualisation of query results2003
Jansen, SamNetwork simulation cradle2003
Niu, Tse-Yun (William)Software for the smart house2003
Polley, AnneliesUsing a large screen display for software design2003
Spooner, JamesDesign and implementation of a Bluetooth repeater system2003
Stringer, JeremyLightweight IPv6 stack for embedded microcontrollers2003
Voyle, TonyHCI - Robotics human tracking2003
Weng, Cheng (Gary)Applying stochastic discrimination for data mining2003
Weng, Wenrong (Jackie)Robot mapping - place recognition2003
Young, ThomasHigh quality video conferencing2003
Bennett, KarlIntelligent document retrieval in digital libraries2004
Bowering, BruceMap browsing on small screen devices using speed-dependent automatic zooming2004
Brown, MatthewTopology management in rooftop wireless networks2004
Burmister, AdamText area recognition and enhancement from low resolution sources2004
Edgar, KatrinaOpen source implementation of WINISIS2004
Johnston, RichardMathematical expression recognition2004
Jones, BrendonArchitecture and trial implementation of a performance testing framework2004
Ke, Kuan-Yu JeffreyMultidimensional time series2004
Koks, RichardReducing uncertainty in robot mapping2004
Lau, Chi Chung (Jeffrey)Speed Dependent Automatic Zooming for browsing photographic collections on a smartphone2004
McKoy, SamuelImplementation of a video based gesture recognition library2004
Milne, DavidDesign and implementation of an XML-based collaborative document editor2004
Schurmann, DavidCryptic crossword assistant2004
Wang, Jane Yung-ChenProteomics discovery through data mining: a case study in predicting signal peptides2004
Ware, DavidIdentifying and tracking humans based on motion2004
Will, AndrewThe Smartloo: an interface to a hand drier2004
Barnett, TimEspresso Con Moto2005
Bartels, SamWIFI location system investigation2005
Bradley, Gareth"The music moves me"2005
Dusterwald, SebastianMapping packet flow in 3D space2005
Evans, ReubenEvent notification for semantic web documents2005
Hempstalk, KathrynA Java steganography tool2005
Jervis, MattHardware based link emulation2005
Judson, GarethRe-engineering the user interface to CDS/ISIS2005
Liesaputra, VeronicaMining gene expression data2005
Neagle, Craig2D robot mapping: methods to produce consistent local space representations2005
Pavlinic, TinJumble: a practical mutation testing tool for Java2005
Rawley, IanData over low bandwidth radio2005
Raynel, ScottA rapidly deployable wireless networking system2005
Read, JesseFiltering spam with machine learning2005
Watkins, BlakeWireless mesh network implementation2005
Zhang, Edward YiwenDNA and Amino acids sequence visualisation tool2005
Zhao, LeiComputer vision in robotic mapping2005
Foulds, JimmyLearning to play the game of Go2006
Kelly, JasonDatabase wrapper class generation2006
Ryan, ShevaunGrammatical inference from Motherese2006
Tarr, DominicTowards algorithmic methods for generating a minimum vocabulary2006
Tubb, GrahamVHDL co-processors for network flow analysis2006
Bahiss, KhadijaRecognizing a place from an image2007
Blake, AnthonyDesign and implementation of a network measurement appliance2007
Browning, ChrisLambda transport protocol2007
Cohen, AsherTracking paper on a tabletop display2007
Hunkin, PaulOperating system for low-memory devices2007
Larkins, RobertPixel-wise classification for object-background segmentation2007
Meredith, IvanProtocol development environment2007
Miles, JonathanEvolution of artificial life2007
Porter, AlastairClustering music by theme2007
Spicer, NicholasRe-modification of a subscriptions database using Rapid Application Development2007
Ware, SimonModular finite-state machine analysis2007
Xie, MengBPF just in time compiler2007
Heighway, ScottSupply chain simulator2008
King, AlistairEfficient methodical internet topology discovery2008
Klein, PaulMobile social interactions with UTag2008
Matthews, DuncanWireless rate control algorithms and measurement2008
Novak, BrookMusical moments2008
Sarjant, SamuelSmartAgent – creating reinforcement learning Tetris AI2008
Tsai, Min-PeiAutomatic layout of UML diagrams2008
Whiu, NicholasLearning to sail2008
Winchester, JerramyModelJUnit visualisation project2008
Beard, PaulEasy parallelisation2009
Berntsen, Craig35 megapixel graphics2009
Hendrikse, KarlInteractive rhythm tutor2009
Jenkin, NicholasParasitic JavaScript2009
Marsh, StevenCombining digital documents with the Wikipedia miner2009
Monigatti, PaulDesign and implementation of an electricity management system2009
Rogers, BeverleyAn exploration of tracking with Nintendo Wiimotes for use in 3D modelling2009
Schwab, JordanLINQStar: LINQ-like front end honours project2009
Stasiewicz, BenMeasuring IPv6 path MTU discovery failures2009
Tebbutt, DanielApplication of pitch tracking to Japanese pitch accent learning2009
Campbell, BradleyStarcraft and data mining2010
Cocks, JohnPart-of-speech tagging for the Māori language2010
Dean, JesseLive construction in computer games2010
Holland, AndrewDeveloping a faster control loop detector for deterministic finite state automata2010
Laundry, JedImproving the assignment submission and marking process of Moodle2010
Litvinenko, SergeiThermal efficiency via PC fan control2010
Meister, CarloDistributed human surveillance2010
Murrihy, AaronResidential IPv62010
Neal, BradenDistributed OpenGL rendering in network bandwidth constrained environments2010
Nemhauser, BryceJava II Web Translator2010
Parkes, AaronGenetic programming for micromanagement in Starcraft2010
Pham, Tho Duy3D face recognition with SIFT keypoints2010
Quayle, LisaCocktail party clustering2010
Ward, MatthewInternet routing over time2010
Wigmore, Jared3D face recognition using linear model quadtrees2010
Champion, JessicaCreating a digital/physical hybrid agile planning tool2011
Clark, MichelleAutomated detection of systemic sclerosis in HRCT lung images2011
de Lange, AndrewAgent based simulation of household electricity consumption2011
Huang, Yu-Hsin (Amigo)Collaborative implementation of a mobile game with dynamic audio2011
Mansell, NathanCultural preference in bilingual browsing2011
Meister, AndréInvestigating methods of simulating 2D sand2011
Oughton, JoelImproved network map display2011
Pickering, DanielUsing Kinect to control Google Earth2011
Young, GabePaper prototyping on the iPad2011
Ali, HassanSocial music in cars2012
Arts, KerryA mobile application for touring locations in literature2012
Barnett, LukeReal-time recognition of compulsory and warning road signs on a mobile device2012
Boud, JamesExtending SlimDXna to use XNA 4 and DirectX 112012
Brown, JeffreySpeed of protein evolution2012
Bush, RobertVoxel based scene rendering2012
Button, MathewGeothermal database2012
Coddington, AnthonyMessage queueing for network monitoring2012
Cowie, BradBuilding a better network monitoring system2012
de Lange, KatieA model for error detectionn in genomic data2012
Duff, EthanConverting imperative programs into finite state automata2012
Gibson, KennethSpanish language learning with FLAX2012
Gray, TonyRain radar image prediction2012
Grout, CameronReal-time detection of lane boundary markings on a mobile device2012
Hona, CarlyMethods in photo mosaic creation2012
Kalyan, JishaalVisualising energy consumption via a dashboard2012
Lam, WilliamForeign exchange sentiment prediction2012
Lindsey, JaredThe set of certain conflicts2012
Lundon, MichaelProcedural city generation for games2012
May, MichaelDesign of a wireless sensor node platform2012
McFarlane, JordanDetection and interpretation of informational traffic signs on a mobile device2012
McTainsh, StevenSpatial hypermedia on the go2012
Nibungco, KriziaPrediction market platform with application to finance2012
Overall, NathanStorage of network monitoring and measurement data2012
Scrivener, KoriiManaging cultural collections using spatial hypermedia2012
Staite, GarethMassively monitored life2012
Stringer, JoeOpenFlow 1.1 support in Open vSwitch2012
Suppers, JorisCasual mobile screen sharing2012
ter Veer-Burke, DeclanHand drawn mathematical expressions2012
van Lankveld, SimonUsing Twitter to predict stock market price directions2012
Weston, SamuelNomadFS: a block migrating distributed file system2012
Whitehead, MichaelHigh performance selection in athletics2012
Bell, ReubenJigsaw puzzle helper app2013
Brenstrum, JoelSemi-automatic generation of an FAQ form a mailing list2013
Broatch, MatthewNew models of control for articulatory speech synthesis2013
Cortesi, AndrewMap usability study2013
Coxhead, AdamImproving the security and efficiency of network clients using OpenFlow2013
Downs, GavinEnhancing film recommendations using social media2013
Elliott, JackTime travel as a gameplay mechanic2013
Feaver, MarkMusic recommendation in the Long Tail2013
Gyde, SelinaContext modelling of interactive medical systems2013
Hunter, MattDiscovery of security vulnerabilities in Cloud storage services2013
Johnson, LukeLearning Chinese with FLAX2013
Litchfield, RobertTeaching cyber security using video games2013
Loomb, DanielGame mechanics made from destructible environments2013
Manoharan, SivasenthuranAdaptive propositionalisation of multi-instance data2013
Marryatt, SamanthaRecipe comment extractor2013
McLaren, DanielGenerating interactive simulations of medical devices2013
Mills, SimonUsing a genetic algorithm to play a QWOP-like game2013
Ng, Grace (Po Yee)Cafe – a novel time-based resource management system for OpenStack clouds2013
Pfahringer, BorisSimple Java performance analysis: porting OpenPAT to the JVM2013
Pilbrow, ColinCompositional nonblocking verification with always enabled events and selfloop-only events2013
Prescott, SamuelThe Brave Little Worm2013
Purvis, DanielEffective communication and patient recovery through an iPad application2013
Schaare, SaraAdaptive lemmatization2013
Shaw, AdrianPartial order reduction in discrete event systems2013
Stannett, MattMassive ontology interface2013
Stockman, LloydImproving QR code detection using corner clustering2013
Verstappen, ThomasMHC peptide affinity2013
Villamor, Yoni ThereseInformation-based metagenomic2013
Visser, BenUsing models of interactive medical systems to derive training materials2013
Will, MarkReal-time image processing2013
Williams, SamRe-engineering modelling tools using Scala2013
Christensen, BradleyBuilding a network for the Internet of Things with the constrained application protocol2014
de Feijter, SjoerdSimulation and study of the relay attack on contactless smart card systems2014
Donnelly, CalebVirtual electric vehicle2014
Gao, TingDetection of data leakage malware2014
Gouk, HenryAccelerating convolutional neural network systems2014
Hollinshead, JoshuaAm I being Spied on my Phone?2014
Hu, YichenDiscovering disjointness2014
Jameson, CaineConsumer-centric security for cloud storage using a tamper-resistant device2014
Jenkins, GeorgeInteractive filtering algorithm parameterisation2014
Johnson, ZacharyRepresenting time series data with PIPs2014
Lammers, RosjierTeaching cyber security concepts with Project Rifle Range (Part 2)2014
Law, Tsz Fung (Mickey)Consumer-centric protection for online social networks2014
Leathart, TimAccelerating regular expressions using many-core systems2014
Mackintosh, AndrewSecure, privacy preserving, disaster resilient mobile network2014
Manning, DanielTraining cyber security concepts with Project Rifle Range (Part 1)2014
Nicholson, BrandonMobile Voting (M-Voting) for democracies of the future2014
Osborne, CraigInvestigation into building an OpenFlow-enabled BNG2014
Sanger, RichardParallel Libtrace2014
Smith, ReneeWater simulation game2014
Stricot-Tarboton, ShaunClassification of task management systems2014
Turner, JessicaCombined testing strategies for interactive systems2014
Utting, JeremyAMP on mobile devices2014
Wallace, ThomasSurveying the realities of data privacy and security perceptions in New Zealand2014
Watson, JesseVisual based video game AI2014
Willcock, DuncanEvolving a better random forest2014
Bryers, DylanClassification modeler2015
Chapman, RexAmbient communication using electronic surrogate2015
Littlewood, HaleySynthesised singing2015

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (BE(Hons)) Students

Godbaz, JohnHonours research and management project2006
Leaver, DavidHonours research and management project2006
McCosh, JamesHonours research and management project2006
Yu, JianxinHonours research and management project2006
Ali, ShahzadHonours research and management project2007
Braithwaite, RossHonours research and management project2007
Bunt, JamesHonours research and management project2007
Xue, WeidaHonours research and management project2007
Zhang, BoDesign and implementation of the Sphinx Visualizer v1.0 with phrase predictions2007
Denny, DacreGarysLab: current and future design2008
Dhoundiyal, NainaHonours research and management project2008
McGregor, JonathanImproving glusterFS file system performance and redundancy by replicating files2008
Stichbury, JonathanGarysLab: current and future design2008
Thompson, ScottExtending ModelJUnit support real-time model-based testing2008
Walmsley, MichaelInteractive hypermedia for an integrated office environment2008
Al Brashdi, Hood Khalfan AbdullahFPGA-based gigabit ethernet packet generator2009
Al Kindy, Sara Ahmed MohamedAn automatic back-of-the-book indexer2009
Kortas, RaymondDesigning and building an e-commerce system for unique products2009
Wadi, NadinAutomated testing of cardax controller API2009
Al Balushi, Al Muhannad Ali TalibIPv6 on consumer premise equipment: MT64/DNS642010
Al-Hasani, OmarModel-based usability testing of UI software system2010
Robb, CraigSilent transitions in automata abstraction2010
Ashman, MichaelTest generation from a usage model2011
Bromwich, KohlTeaching programming concepts in a visual environment2011
King, DanielReverse engineering tools for interactive systems2011
Saddleton, BrettContext modelling for interactive systems2012
Arora, SiddharthModelling an infusion pump using formal methods by reverse engineering2013
Campbell, SimonMobile software for guiding people with severe visual impairments2013
Fowke, MichaelText categorisation and analysis based on document history2013
Matenga, AaronHonours research and management project2013
Wadi, SalarInvestigate and develop a tool to extract structured text from formal software models2013
Andela, MathewConsumer-centric secure SMS service2014
Burke, RobertInteractive visualisations for resource allocation2014
Crake, StephenGaze tracking for mobile devices2014
Mason, StevenVirtual electric vehicle2014
Payne, LesleyUsing gaming algorithms to minimise Junit test suites2014
Shuker, RafaelCloud provenance datasets for security research and benchmarking 2014
Shute, SamMobile handset based EFTPOS2014
Thomas, NigelDetection and recognition of traffic signs on mobile devices2014

Bachelor of Science with Honours (BSc(Hons)) Students

Armstrong, DeanDesign of a teaching microprocessor2001
Lane, NicholasComputer Science Research Dissertation2002
Tang, MengInterpretable boosted decision stumps2002
McGirr, BrettImage compression as ordinal classification2006
Park, YunBuilding an efficient control-loop checker in Waters2007
Wang, YuweiPassive network monitor: NetMap3D2008
Wu, Xing (Claudia)Mining arbitrarily large datasets using nearest neighbour search2008
Perrone, GianUsing behavioural types to improve software quality2009
Bocock, LauraThere’s something about Lean2010
Campbell, WilliamThere and back again: navigating location-sensitive interaction history2010
Francis, RachelAn implementation of a compositional approach for verifying generalised nonblocking2010
Howearth, ShaneInformed demand-side electricity load management: visualising load and demand2010
Lai, Weiyan (Celia)Gene cassette identification2010
Rouast, MaximeTelevision in a digital library2010
Bjerring, LukeMulti-instance decision tree learning2011
Ross, WilliamReferee reporter for Android2011
Yu, ZufengPromela to Waters translator2011
Burton, MitchellUsing Wikipedia to determine knowledge domains2012
Sydney, AlexIs real world object recognition hard?2012
Mungro, MeenaksheeA reliable collector for Libprotoident2013
Abbenes, BenInvestigating information loss in a visual to auditory substitution2014
Hare, JoshuaDuplicate detection in digital music libraries2014
Melchert, JulianSecurity and privacy for VoIP communication2014

Current research students in Department of Computer Science


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