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PhD Students

StudentResearch Topic
Bahiss, KhadijaSerious game to provide social skills training for people with Asperger Syndrome/High-functioning Autism
Bravo Marquez, FelipeAdaptive domain-focused sentiment analysis for social media streams
Chang, Su-PingAugmented memory system on mobile devices fir brain injury
Eichler, StephenImplementing Internet black hole and topology analysis with large numbers of vantage points
Garae, JefferySecurity Visualization for Mobile Development
Gouk, HenryLearning features for simultaneous localisation and mapping
Grout, CameronDesktop environments in virtual reality and the usability impacts of an adjusting workspace paradigm
Hunkin, PaulDistributed operating systems for wireless sensor networks
Jaidka, SapnaFormal Modeling & Analysis of Health Care Devices using Timed Coloured Petri Nets: a Case Study on Drug Infusion System
Laing, SimonImage selection on a design context: the development of a system for image retrieval in support of graphic design
Leathart, TimGeneralising deep learning beyond neural networks
Li, MiParallel stream data mining with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
Ma, BoUser centric data provenance
Mato, PaoraWhat is the role of computer technology within a Māori language regeneration strategy
Monigatti, PaulLarge-scale mico-management of domestic electricity consumption
Nemhauser, BryceSpatial hypermedia as a programming environment
Nicholson, BrandonRedesigning files to embed concise provenance metadata
Ozoh, PatrickThe impact on the electricity network of residential demand-side management and control
Pilbrow, ColinVisualisation of specification models
Sanger, RichardImproved resilience to failure for software defined network controllers
Shute, SamAttribution of data provenance in information security
Shiblaq, FouadLocalisation provision: Arabic speakers' preference on para-lingual website-layout — under examination
Suppers, JorisSmart grids, the internet of energy, and energy use efficiency
Tan, Alan Yu ShyangContext-based generation of provenance data
Thompson, JohnArchitectures for the parallel processing of very large scale digital libraries
Timpany, ClaireHow the typographic relationships between access structure features (headings) improve within-document search and retrieval tasks in non-fiction texts
Turner, EmmanuelAdaptive user interfaces for the semantic web
Turner, JessicaSupporting interactive system testing with interaction sequences
Vanderschantz, NicImproving children's learning with ebooks and digital libraries
Walmsley, MichaelAutomatic creation of dynamic second language reading texts
Weng, Min-Hsien (Sam)Efficient OpenCL implementation for computational Whiley programs
Will, MarkReducing latency in data transfers
Zhao, CanDesigning for information interaction in museums

Master of Computer Graphic Design Students

Castle, SeanBiometric data visalisation
Liu, Lucy DanyangTo be advised

Master of Cyber Security Students

Awodele, Adetunji DamilolaCollecting progger logs for security research
de Feijter, SjoerdSecurity evaluation of stored credentials in mobile devices
Law, MickeyMapping logs and audit trails to data governance requirements
Stricot-Tarboton, ShaunTaxonomy and risk analysis of the HTTPS/TLS protocols

Master of Engineering Students

Bany Taha, MohammadSecure and tamper-proof collection and transfer of data logs — under examination

Master of Science Students

de Lange, AndrewPower grid simulation
Fowlie, MichaelEvolutionary computation on a cluster
Lundon, MichaelData stream classification

Master of Science (Research) Students

Crickett, ScottDeveloping design patterns for models of interactive systems
Dusterwald, SebastianProcedural generation of voxel-based castles — under examination
Fayomi, Dimeji OladimejiOptimising network routing based on active performance measurements
Griffiths, ChrisInvestigating tools and methods for data capture of forestry workers
Hardyment, BrianSNP casual variant analysis
Khong, EmilyExploring community-based health care using mobile applications
Liu, LiangLGP with Experience — under examination
Petko, VladimirGPU computing for data stream mining
Si, BoXNA development on the Raspberry Pi
Willcock, DuncanCharacterisation of RNASE
Zheng, ChenTo be advised

BCGD Honours Students

Rieger, OliverThe evolution of periodical publications between analogue and digital worlds
Wang, Michelle XiaomengApplying 3D Chinese wash painting methods in animation

BCMS Honours Students

Beckham, ChristopherDiabetic retinopathy detection
Binns-Conroy, LiamVisual contextual enrichment in ebooks
Brown, CameronProvenance visualisation in WebGL — under examination
Coleman, MichaelSemantic enrichment of ebooks
Collins, DanSimulating power consumption in wireless sensor networks
Edwards, LukeMachine learning approaches to short term weather predicting
Gilbert, LeahSame support for memory rehabilitation
Goodwin, ChristopherCocktail party
Kavenga, DavidLayout of parallel coordinates
König, JemmaFLAX Android tablet reader
Larmour, DanielLanguage preface in kiosks
Law, MatthewDetecting intrusions and malicious activity in large datasets
Levy, TomObject-orientation in the λ-calculas
Lochore, ThomasEvolutionary networks
Mahoney-Marsh, SeverinLinking Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap
Mason, DarrenBNG for NFV
Matherson, KeranLog file analysis
Miles, AnthonyScore following in a digital music library
Paradine, BraedenSword fighting
Robb, NathanExploring aspects of automated test generation on models
Rodgers, CameronBird's eye view of the Linux kernel system
Rodley, OwenAn intelligent system for a CCG
Safey, SteffanAutoencoders for image compression
Scoon, CraigTraining cyber secruity concepts with Project Rifle Range
Smith, RyanVirtual shadow maps
Snelgar, PatrickSmart farm
St Pierre, CarlinDistributed collaborative music recommendations over a peer-to-peer network
Taylor, KarlMobile aid to fuel conservation
Tiehuis, MarcPartially homomorphic encryption cloud service
Turnbull, MitchAccelerating programs using new hardware device
Whitlock, TimAnalysing commerical programs with open source software
Willetts, JacobFlow visualization
Wilson, StuartLight and sound horror
Wright, ChristianIntegrating massive ontology with linked data

BE Honours Students

Al-Rahbi, MahammedNI autonomous robotics competition
Choong, Yi FangFurther usability and software development on μChart
Dalusong, AldenA conflict of interest detector for the WEB
de Leon, GerardManaging appts in sheets
Pascoe, IraUsability testing

BSc Honours Students

Ibrahim, NadiahVirtual electric vehicle evalation and extended study
Wilson, BrettAndroid app for Chiefs rugby

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