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PhD Students

StudentResearch Topic
Akscyn, RobThe productivity of knowledge work
Bahiss, KhadijaCommunication software for intellectually disabled individuals
Bravo Marquez, FelipeAdaptive domain-focused sentiment analysis for social media streams
Chang, Su-PingAugmented memory system on mobile devices fir brain injury
Darwish, AkramInformation retrieval system and natural language processing
Eichler, StephenImplementing Internet black hole and topology analysis with large numbers of vantage points
Giganto, ReynaldoUsing a controlled language for requirements document and generation user CASE specifications
Grout, CameronDesktop environments in virtual reality and the usability impacts of an adjusting workspace paradigm
Hunkin, PaulDistributed operating systems for wireless sensor networks
Kasi, MumraizSemantic data integration in a large-scale sensor networks
Laing, SimonImage selection on a design context: the development of a system for image retrieval in support of graphic design
Li, MiParallel stream data mining with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
Mato, PaoraWhat is the role of computer technology within a Māori language regeneration strategy
Monigatti, PaulLarge-scale mico-management of domestic electricity consumption
Nemhauser, BryceSpatial hypermedia as a programming environment
Pilbrow, ColinVisualisation of specification models
Puurula, AnttiDocument enrichment of Wikipedia articles through machine learning
Rinck, MichaelConnecting information: detecting and tracing object evolution
Shiblaq, FouadLocalisation provision: Arabic speakers' preference on para-lingual website-layout
Suppers, JorisSmart grids, the internet of energy, and energy use efficiency
Tan, Alan Yu ShyangContext-based generation of provenance data
Thompson, JohnArchitectures for the parallel processing of very large scale digital libraries
Timpany, ClaireHow the typographic relationships between access structure features (headings) improve within-document search and retrieval tasks in non-fiction texts
Turner, EmmanuelAdaptive user interfaces for the semantic web
Vanderschantz, NicImproving children's learning with ebooks and digital libraries
Walmsley, MichaelAutomatic creation of dynamic second language reading texts
Weng, Min-Hsien (Sam)Efficient OpenCL implementation for computational Whiley programs
Will, MarkReducing latency in data transfers

Master of Computer Graphic Design Students

Castle, SeanBiometric data visalisation

Master of Cyber Security Students

Garae, JefferyUser-centric visualisation of data provenance
Matadi, OnwellTo be advised

Master of Science Students

Alqurashi, HayatEbooks in libraries
de Lange, AndrewPower grid simulation
Dighe, AmayHWC - refining physical documents in an office environment
Fowlie, MichaelEvolutionary computation on a cluster
Griffiths, ChrisWeb based simulation of medical devices for training and testing purposes
Hoffman, DonovanPredicting cattle disease from behaviour
Huang, Yu-Hsin (Amigo)Improving collaborative drawing using HTML5 — under examination
Lorier, ChristopherResilience in distributed routing fabric
Lundon, MichaelData stream classification
Markose, MiltonMonitoring and reducing cloud computing vulnerabilities, outgages, and failures
May, Michael60GHZ network simulation — under examination
Mungro, MeenaksheeRating the significance of detected network events
Neelakanta Sharma, KarthikDatabase-backed redundant Open Flow controllers
Shaw, AdrianPartial order reduction with compositional verification
Si, BoXNA development on the Raspberry Pi
Wang, Lichao (Edward)XNA on Raspberry Pi — under examination

Master of Science (Research) Students

Delamore, BadenWeb vulnerability analysis with risk realization
Petko, VladimirGPU computing for data stream mining

Postgraduate Diploma Dissertation Students

Benher, ReynoldVisualizing patterns in popular music — under examination
Hardyment, BrianO-Glycosylation site prediction
Khong, EmilyDigitally prototyping a controller for multiple medical infusions pumps
Kitson, ShawneeComputer Graphic Design Research
Te Momo, HamioraTo be advised
Yang, Wanying1000 springs - mobile application for public access — under examination

BCGD Honours Students

Liu, Lucy DanyangIs non-textual narrative illustration an effective way for communication?

BCMS Honours Students

Bryers, DylanClassification modeller
Christensen, Bradley802.15.4 wireless security in an Internet of Things
de Feijter, SjoerdSimulation of replay attack on contactless smart cards
Donnelly, CalebVirtual electric vehicle
Ferguson, JerryBuilding a better personal ebook collection manager
Gao, TingDetecting data leakages caused by Malware
Gilbert, LeahSame support for memory rehabilitation
Gouk, HenryFeature learning with Convolutional Neural Networks
Grinter, JasonAccelerating programs using modern hardware
Hiatt, JasonPlaying in the street
Hollinshead, JoshAndroid security and the privacy of your data
Hu, YichenDiscovering disjointness for ontology
Jameson, CaineCloud security for personal data
Jenkins, GeorgeFine-tuning alerting systems filter
Johnson, ZacharyTime series representation
Lammers, RosjierTraining cyber security concepts with Project RifleRange (Part 2)
Law, MickeyImproving security of Facebook sharing
Leathart, TimAccelerating regular expressions on many core systems
Littlewood, HaleySynthetic singing
Mackintosh, AndrewDisaster resilient, privacy preserving and mobile network
Manning, DanielTraining cyber security concepts with Project RifleRange (Part 1)
Meier, GregDifferential evolution on the Cloud
Nicholson, BrandonMobile Voting (M-Voting) for democracies of the future
Osborne, CraigBuilding an OpenFlow-enabled BRAS/BNG
Sanger, RichardParallelising Libtrace
Smith, ReneeWater particle simulation
Stricot-Tarboton, ShaunEffective task management systems
Turner, JessicaCombined testing strategies for interactive systems
Utting, JeremyAMP on mobile devices
Wallace, ThomasSurveying the realities of data security and privacy perceptions
Watson, JesseVisual based gaming AI
Willcock, DuncanGenetic algorithm assisted decision trees

BE Honours Students

Andela, MathewTo be advised
Burke, RobertTo be advised
Chaudhry, JawwadTo be advised
Crake, StephenEye tracking on mobile devices
Mason, StevenTo be advised
Payne, LesleyUsing gaming algorithms to minimise Junit test suites
Shuker, RafaelTo be advised
Shute, SamMobile handset based EFTPOS
Thomas, NigelTo be advised

BSc Honours Students

Abbenes, BenClassification of audio files (using extracted features) — under examination
Hannam, JonathanTo be advised
Hare, JoshuaMusic recommendation — under examination
Melchert, JulianSecurity and privacy for VoIP communication

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