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Ms Elizabeth Styron - Colliding Fronts: Using XML and the TEI to build a full Text Digital Library at the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

New Zealand Electronic Text Centre, Victoria University


Computer Science Seminar Romm, G.1.15

The New Zealand Electronic Text Centre (NZETC) at Victoria University of Wellington enjoys the benefits of a diverse academic community and skill set to help it build an ever growing online collection of New Zealand materials. To deliver its full-text, fully searchable documents in multiple formats, the NZETC combines the power of XML with rich metadata guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI). The University of Virginia Etext Center which helped found the NZETC mastered the process of delivering full texts online independent of proprietary software and with a clear mind toward repurposing the materials in the future in accordance with emerging technologies. The New Zealand Electronic Text Centre continues that tradition with a heightened focus on taking advantage of the flexibility of XML and TEI and with greater emphasis on building a regional collection. About Elizabeth Styron: Elizabeth graduated from Duke University, with a degree in English which included studies in computer programming. She has her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Virginia where she was an assistant director and programmer analyst at the University of Virginia Electronic Text Center. She managed XML compliance checking for the Center in 1999 and went on to oversee several XML-based humanities computing projects. As the National Endowment for the Humanities Fellow at the Center, Elizabeth managed XML work for the 600 volume Early American Fiction digitisation project (available through ProQuest). After helping to convert and launch Virginia's free E-book collection (7 million books downloaded to date), Elizabeth travelled to New Zealand as a 2001 United States Fulbright Fellow. Last year she founded the NZETC at Victoria University with a mission to digitise and generate full-text XML versions of New Zealand archival materials for multiple-format delivery on the internet. The NZETC is closely involved with several institutions in New Zealand to deal with their conversion and digitisation concerns, and Elizabeth lectures frequently on digital library activities here and abroad.

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