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COMP200A Computer Systems

10 Points

This paper provides an overview of the operation of computer systems, including their hardware and software. The central theme of the paper is the way in which the hardware and software of a computer system co-operate to allow the execution of programs written in a high-level language.

Topics covered include:

  • data representation
  • assembly language programming
  • operating systems

Learning Outcomes
Students who pass this paper will be able to explain the low-level operation of a typical computer, and how high-level languages can be implemented on such computers with the aid of system software.

Pre Requisite Papers
COMP104 Introduction to Computer Science 2 or
COMP134 Software Engineering 1 or
COMP103 Introduction to Computer Science 1 and ENEL111 Introduction to Electronics

Lecturers and Tutors

A Semester


    • Mr. Paul Monigatti
      Room: G.2.05
      Phone: +64 7 858 5652


Official Timetable Information

Other Reading Material

The course notes and handouts will be available on-line from the course web-site. It should be noted that the material is NOT a substitute for attending lectures.

Computing Resources

Students have access to Lab 1 (R.G.06). For most of the exercises you will be using the Linux machines around the outside of the room, which have REX boards, attached to them. The software that you will be using includes emacs, a terminal program to communicate with the REX boards and a C compiler and assembler, which output code for the WRAMP (Waikato RISC Architecture MicroProcessor) architecture. The WRAMP architecture and Instruction set have been designed at the University of Waikato to support the teaching of Computer Systems. Because most of the exercises depend on the REX boards it will not be possible to complete them on machine at home.

Assessment Ratio
Internal assessment/final examination ratio 1:1

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Attendance Policy
Class attendance is expected. The course notes provided are not comprehensive, additional material will be covered in class. You are responsible for all material covered in class.

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University Regulations
Your attention is drawn to the following regulations and policies, which are published in the University Calendar:

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