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COMP590D,E Research in Computer Science

30 Points

This paper is intended to develop skills in planning, conducting and reporting research to a level where a student could appropriately undertake masters-level thesis study in computer science. This paper is normally required for a Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science.

Pre Requisite Papers
Admission to PGDip or PGCert programme in Computer Science or Computer Graphic Design.

Lecturers and Tutors

A Semester

B Semester

Official Timetable Information

Compulsory Components
Attendance at all scheduled classes and all assigned coursework are requirements for a pass.

Required Reading
A range of readings will be made available in class and via Moodle.

Assessment Ratio
Internal assessment/final examination ratio: 1:0; Assessed internally on a pass/fail basis.

Attendance Policy
Attendance at all scheduled classes is a requirement for a pass.

Other Information
The classes will involve a mixture of lectures, student presentations and dicussion of assignments. Students will be required to prepare for classes. This will involved a mixture of reading, writing and preparation for presentation. On completion of the course, the student will have developed a portfolio of material. A potenitial supervisor may ask to see this material as part of the discussion around initiating a research project.

Academic Integrity
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Performance Impairment
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Student Concerns and Complaints
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Application for Extension
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Review of Grade
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University Regulations
Your attention is drawn to the following regulations and policies, which are published in the University Calendar:

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