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COMP242B Software Engineering Process

10 Points

This paper introduces Project Management, UML, Design Patterns, TDD, OOD and Android. The primary language is Java with others used where appropriate.

Learning Outcomes
Students who pass this paper will be able to explain and compare several widely-used software development methodologies and will be experienced in applying the key practices of those methodologies.

Pre Requisite Papers
COMP241 Software Engineering Development

Restricted Papers
COMP204 Object Oriented Program Design

Lecturers and Tutors

B Semester


    • Dr. Craig Taube-Schock
      Room: G.2.04
      Phone: +64 7 838 4768

Official Timetable Information

Compulsory Components
All tests and assignments are compulsory.

Recommended Reading
M. Fowler, UML Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Standard Object Modelling Language, Third Edition, Addison-Wesley Professional, 2004.
S. McConnell, Code Complete, Second Edition, Microsoft Press, 2004.
Z. Mednieks, L. Dornin, G. Blake and M. Nakamura, Programming Android, Second Edition, O'Reilly, 2012.

Assessment Ratio
Internal assessment/final examination ratio 1:0

Assessment Components

1 x Group Project (2 Parts)34%
2 x Individual In-Class Tests66%

Attendance Policy
Class attendance is expected. The course notes provided are not comprehensive, additional material will be covered in class. You are responsible for all material covered in class.

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University Regulations
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