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Tim Elphick (Mr)

BSc DipCS Waikato


Further information can be found at my personal web site:

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Personal Description
Coordinating Tutor for 103, 104, 106, and 223.

Straight after graduating with my BSc (Waikato), I began as a full-time Tutor here in 1989. While tutoring, I completed my DipCompSc in information systems.

I left in 1993 when all of the tutor positions were being turned part-time and tutored at the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic. After a brief sojourne in the sunny BOP, and a dabble in being team leader, I returned in 1995 to Tutor here (again) and commence my part-time MCMS.

My CS topics of interests include MIDI, interface design and desktop publishing. Outside of work, I spend my time appreciating Mike Oldfield, planning murders (DMing RPG) and carousing - see my home page.

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