Undergraduate Degrees
Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences (BCMS and BCMS(Hons))

This sought after degree is the only one of its kind offered in New Zealand. It is centred on studies in computer science and mathematics and caters to the many professions that require expertise in these areas. The result is that BCMS graduates have a wealth of options open to them. Our graduates include computer programmers, business analysts, entrepreneurs, operations managers, systems analysts and corporate finance analysts, to name a few.

The BCMS is a four-year degree and may be awarded with honours. The degree offers majors in Computer Science and Mathematics. Within these majors, it is possible to do specialisations as listed below. These prepare graduates for particular careers or groups of careers. Most BCMS students doing a major in Computer Science need not make a final choice of specialisation until their second or third year.

As a BCMS student, you will spend much of your time on topics in the computing and mathematical sciences. However, you may also study in some depth an application subject of your choice, such as economics, physics, management information systems, or psychology. Integrative studies and project work in the final year will give you experience of real-life projects associated with chosen professions.

Successful candidates are awarded the degree of Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences - BCMS; those undertaking the required paper load in their fourth year and achieving a sufficiently high standard are awarded the degree with Honours - BCMS (Hons). The class of Honours awarded (First Class Honours, Second Class Honours (first division) or Second Class Honours (second division)) depends on the candidate's performance in papers at 500 level. Further details on how this calculation is made may be obtained from the School Office.

The BCMS degree will prepare you to enter many professions. Depending on which major or specialisation you choose, these include:

  • Computer technology
  • Research and development
  • Business analysis
  • Software development
  • Usability engineering
  • IT consultancy
  • Project management
  • Systems analysis
  • Programming
  • Data mining
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Operations research
  • Computer networks
  • Multimedia
  • Computer graphics
  • Digital libraries

Degree Regulations
The regulations which govern the awarding of the BCMS degree are published in the University Calendar. These are supplemented by the degree planners which are published each year in the Undergraduate Handbook.

To be eligible for the honours programme candidates will require an average grade of B+ in at least 80 points at 300 level in Computer Science papers. This does not apply to double major students, who will be treated separately.

Degree Programmes

Entry Requirements

If you have (or expect to gain) University Entrance you are eligible to apply for this degree. Depending on programme choice, most students enrolled in the BCMS will need to take at least one mathematics or statistics paper in their first year, for which there are some additional entry requirements in mathematics.
Those students who do not have an adequate background in mathematics will be expected to enrol in preparation papers. Each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If you do not have University Entrance, your application will still be considered:

Applicants Over 20 Years Old
Click here for information on entry requirements for applicants over 20 years old.

English Language Requirements
Click here for the English Language Requirements for the BCMS.

Discretionary/Provisional Entrance
Click here for information on entry requirements for students under 20 without university entrance.

Enrolment Information
Full details of papers, regulations, enrolment procedures, accommodation, bursaries and degree structures will be found in the University Calendar, available from school careers advisers, at public libraries, or directly from the The Student Information Centre, The Gateway/Te Kuaha, The University of Waikato, Private Bag 3105, Hamilton. Phone +64 7 838 4176 or Wordphone 0800 WAIKATO or Fax +64 7 838 4370.

More specifically, the Enrolment Home Page provides the necessary details of how to enrol.

If you are an International Student, you will need to fill out an application through the International Centre. Click here to link to the International Centre application page.

Returning Students can enrol online through iWaikato.

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