Student Concerns and Complaints
As part of its desire to maintain quality educational standards, the University has put in place a policy which outlines how students may raise individual concerns or complaints. The policy is intended to assist students in the resolution of individual student academic complaints constructively, quickly and fairly.

The brochure 'Student Concerns and Complaints Policy' provides details of the University's process for handling concerns and complaints and is published in the University Calendar. It is also available from Faculty and School Offices, and the Student and Academic Services Division.

If you have a concern or complaint about a paper you are taking, about the teaching, assessment, or any other aspect, you should first raise it with the coordinator for the paper.

You may also raise the issue with the student representative, who will raise your concern with the lecturer.

Alternatively, you should print out a copy of the complaints policy from the University Calendar or arrange an appointment with the Student Support Advisor who can talk you through the appropriate procedure, and check any written complaints, to make sure they follow the guidelines set out in the policy. The Student Support Advisor can be contacted by phoning 838 4466 extn 6264 or by emailing

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