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  • 9-09-09 - Pizza and Code Poety Night.

Past Events


  • 8-10-07 - Pub crawl tickets are available!!! It should be a great night out and you get an awesome free t-shirt as well as lots of drink deals. The pub crawl is on Friday the 12th of October, and starts at the Eastside Tavern at 5:30pm. Tickets are $16.50 and can be purchased from Bronwyn Poki R.G.22, the HCI lab G.1.13, Music Technician I.1.06, or SCMS Office G block ground floor. Email krr6 (at) cs (dot) waikato (dot) ac (dot) nz for details.
  • 22-09-07 - For those of you with creative leanings, the Code Poetry Competition is on for 2007! Check it out! Good luck to the contestants :)
  • 22-09-07 - Just a quick update: this year we have had two research seminars, and a third one will be announced soon. Rob Akscyn will be the speaker.

    The pub crawl tickets will go on sale in a few days - the date for the 12th of October. Ticket prices to be confirmed.

  • 16-02-07 - The AGM for 2006 was held on Wednesday 11 October, 2006. The new executive committee for 2007 is:

    President: Robert Larkins
    Vice President: Jimmy Foulds
    Secretary: Katie Reichmuth
    Treasurer: Alan King
    Webmaster: Edward White

    Since the last news post, the pub crawl (a great success!) and an ACM seminar were both held. The winners of the code poetry competition were announced at the pub crawl.


  • 18-09-06 - We are proud to announce the Code Poetry Competition 2006!

    This is a great chance to show off your creativity and coding genius. As far as we are aware, this is a world first.

  • 18-9-06 - This year we have had three ACM seminars, and there is another one to come. The speakers and topics were:

    Judy Bowen: Celebrity Death Match: Formal Methods vs. User-Centred Design
    Kathryn Hempstalk: Hiding Behind Corners: Using Edges in Images for Better Steganography
    Steve Reeves: Reactive Systems
    David Streader: Formalising Software Interfaces
    Waylon Kenning: Rapid Web Application Development with Microsoft Visual Web Developer


  • 2005 was another successful year for the Waikato ACM Student Chapter. Reuben Evans joined us in February, replacing Jane and Ben as Treasurer.
  • The 2005 Executive Committee organized several talks and seminars. A research talk was held, featuring Margaret Jefferies and Tony Smith. Two Fonterra representatives gave a talk about Computer Science career opportunities in New Zealand's largest dairy company. A web-cast of the speech given by the 2004 Turing Award winners was also, um, web-casted. Or web-recieved. Or something.
  • The CS pubcrawl was once again a raging success, if we do say so ourselves.
  • The AGM was also held, with much pizza and coke devoured by all. Of secondary importance, the 2006 Exec was also elected:

    President: Jimmy Foulds
    Vice-President: James McCosh
    Secretary: Matthew Whyte
    Treasurer: Sarah Armstrong
    Webmaster: Jason Biddick


  • The annual pubcrawl was held Friday, 19 October and turned out to be a great event, if anyone bought a ticket and did not manage to get there come see one of the exec as we may have reserved you a shirt.

    Our AGM was also a success we elected a new exec as follows:

    President: Tim Barnett (President from 2003)
    Vice-President: Jimmy Foulds
    Secretary: Matthew Whyte
    Treasurer: Jane Wang/Ben Cleland (This years president/secretary)

    Good luck to next years exec and hope the ACM will be just as, if not more, active then this year.

  • 05-10-04 - The AGM is scheduled for Wednesday the 6th October if you want to run for the ACM exec and have fun organising events in 2005 or you want a say in who becomes the exec then come along and nominate/vote for someone. There will be free pizza and coke at the event.

    The available positions on the ACM exec are Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and WebMaster. The roles do not differ greatly from each other so if you miss out on getting one just go for another. Even if you dont get elected I’m sure the new exec will appriciate any help you are willing to offer (especially for a well designed webpage)

    The Annual Comp Sci field trip is on the 15th of this month, tickets will soon be on sale from one of the current ACM exec and the Computer science office. Tickets are $15 and get you a drink at the Eastside, some food and a awesome T-Shirt. Shirts will likely be dark blue with a design from David King, they should also come in various sizes so they might actually fit you this year. The night will start at the Eastside Tavern around 6ish and will move around other establishments later in the night.

  • 12-09-04 - Please Note the third research seminar was postponed a week due to a lack of people showing up. So please come along and bring a friend or three, there are spot prizes to win also, see you all there. The date and location have been updated below.
  • 31-08-04 - The date and time of the third and fourth research seminar sessions have been confirmed. The details are as follows:

    Research Seminar 3
    Date: 15 Septembar (Wed), 1-2pm, I.1.01
    Robi Malik - Formal Methods (http://www.cs.waikato.ac.nz/Research/fm/)
    Margaret Jefferies - Robotics

    Research Seminar 4
    Date: 22 September (Wed), 1-2pm, S.G.02
    John Cleary - Starlog (http://www.cs.waikato.ac.nz/Research/starlog/index.html)
    David Bainbridge - Digital Library (http://www.nzdl.org/cgi-bin/library)

  • 31-08-04 - The Geek Olympics was a complete success thanks to all our sponsors and those that helped/competed in the events. There are several photos here
  • 28-07-04 - Due to the weather the Geek Olympics has been postponed. The new date for it at present is the 11th of August. If anyone has a problem with this feel free to contact us at stud-acm-exec@list.scms.waikato.ac.nz
  • 24-07-04 - Registrations are over for the Geek Olympics, however we still need/want lots of people to turn up to watch the event. Over 40 competitors including 10 or more lecturers/staff/tutors/demonstrators its looking to be a great event. So if you’ve entered or just want some fun turn up with a friend or two on the main field behind the library just before 12pm this Wednesday.

    Teams are encouraged to wear a uniform (similarly coloured clothes, bandanas, hats, face paints) or bring your own flag. Please also to remember to bring suitable footwear (including socks) and be prepared to get alittle dirty.

    Also a another reminder that there are programming competitions coming up there are lots of posters around the Comp Sci block about it.

  • 21-07-04 - IMPORTANT: It has come to our attention that the email provided on the posters to sign up with was actually incorrect. The real address is:


    Please note scms between list and waikato, sorry for any problems this has caused any of you. We will try update the posters as soon as possible.

  • 17-07-04 - More Sponsorship has come through, we now have a number of tickets to Campus Movies and 4 new optical mice from SmartPC. We have already got a few registrations so if you want to win a prize hurry and email mail us, remember there are a limit of 10 teams.
  • 13-07-04 - Update on the Geek Olympics about our major sponsors, Mark1 has donated four $25 vouchers and the Hillcrest Tavern have given four $20 vouchers along with many other prizes, of course you can only win them if you enter so hurry up and register a team. If you dont have enough people for a team then send us a letter anyway we will help you find some.

    Thanks to Nick Boettcher for making the great poster for the event.

  • The Geek Olympics will be held on Wednesday 28th July 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm which is very close so get your team registrations in. Teams of 4 are needed to compete and can be made up of anyone taking a SCMS/BCGD paper. Come compete against your tutors and lecturers. There will be a prizegiving and food will be supplied.

    To register send an email to stud-acm-exec@list.scms.waikato.ac.nz containing a team name, the names of the four team members and an email to contact you by. The email will be kept private so do not be worried about spam. Please also signup for the mailing list if you have not already.

    Events Include: Harddrive Shotput, CD Discus, Parallel bus Run, Computer Assembly, Mouse Hammer Throw, Motherboard Toss

  • The next Research Seminar is still coming up. If you are interesting in doing Honours, a Masters or a PHD it is strongly recommended that you attend to get an idea of what is happening around the department. Keep an eye on this page and signup to the mailing lists to find out more information.
  • The Annual Computer Science Field Trip organisation has begun, this is always a fun event to let off steam and socialise with others. It is currently scheduled for the friday before study week of Semester B. A small fee is likely which should cover a T-Shirt, Food, and your first drink.
  • The New Zealand Programming Competition is also coming up, for more information check this page or ask one of the ACM exec members or see Bill Rogers the lecturer organising the event.
  • Two Successful Research Seminars have been held so far introducing students to the Computer Science research groups, the first was n the 19th of May and second on the 2nd of June. There are still more seminars left so keep an eye on this page and signup to the mailing list so that you do not miss out.


  • Congratulations to the 2004 executive committee, elected at the AGM on 8th of October! See the Exec page for details.
  • End-of-year function. Friday 17th October. Departmental "Field trip". Much fun had by all (I think).
  • The first event of 2003 was a guest seminar by Dr Tony Smith (from the Computer Science department) about Learning Techniques applied to the Bio-Technology sector. Online summary.


  • New exec elected on 16 October 2002. See the exec page.
  • A highly successful 2002 Computer Science Department End of Year function was organised by the chapter and held on Friday the 18th of October! Participants received t-shirts, dinner and some free and discounted drinks.
  • Wednesday 16 October, 1pm. Masters student Dana McKay gave a presentation on her time in Finland in the Usability Group at Nokia. This was followed by the election of the 2003 exec committee.
  • Margaret Jefferies gave a seminar entitled "Robot Mapping" on Friday 13th Semptember, 2002. Check out our online summary.
  • The New Zealand Programming Competition - the Waikato competition was on Saturday, 24th August. Details are online.
  • On Thursday 15th August, Steven Hunt, an SCMS graduate from Waikato presented a very well attended seminar entitled "How To Go Overseas And Earn Lots of Money as a CS Graduate".
  • "The Next Generation" tour visited Waikato on Monday 15th July 2002, showcasing research opportunities to computer science students. Details are on the web.
  • Informal end of semester get-together at the Eastside Tavern Friday 7th June. Small but lively turn-out.
  • Prof. Ian Witten gave a really good seminar about his time at Google.com. Wednesday 1st May 2002.
  • Hal Berghel visited the department on 19 March, 2002 and gave a seminar about internet security. This was followed by a BBQ by R-block.


  • We announce our first meeting to be held on Wednesday, 17th October.
  • Matt Jones starts advertising for exec members Wednesday, 12th September.
  • The interim website by Stuart Yeates goes live Sunday, 26th August, 2001.