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Office Holders

The chapter has several offices with roles laid out by the ACM:


The sponsor is an computer professional and full member of the ACM whose role is to guide the chapter where necessary and ensure that it's activities comply with the rules and financial regulations of the ACM.

Current sponsor: Angela Martin.

Founding sponsor: Matt Jones.

Other sponsors: Ian Witten.



The 2009 Executive Committee was elected at the AGM in October, 2008.

Chair (AKA President)

The chair is the student responsible for all meetings and activities of the chapter. They preside over all meetings of the chapter and appoint all committees.

The chair elect for 2009 is: Jed Laundry.


The secretary keeps the minutes of all chapter meetings; prepares the annual chapter activity report. The secretary also handles all chapter communication with ACM Headquarters, notifying changes in officers or sponor.

The secretary elect is: Tom Maxwell-Mans.


The treasurer maintains the membership and financial records of the chapter and files an annual report to the Treasurer of the ACM.

The treasurer elect is: Daniel Buchanan.

Web Master

The web master maintains the web site. The web master is: Bronwyn Webster.

Previous Executive Committees

The 2008 Executive Committee:

  • Chair: Sam Birch/Jed Laundry
  • Vice-Chair: Jed Laundry
  • Secretary: Tom Maxwell-Mans
  • Treasurer: Daniel Buchanan

The 2007 Executive Committee:

  • Chair: Robert Larkins
  • Vice-Chair: Jimmy Foulds
  • Secretary: Katie Reichmuth
  • Treasurer: Alan King

The 2006 Executive Committee:

  • Chair: Jimmy Foulds
  • Vice-Chair: James McCosh
  • Secretary: Matthew Whyte
  • Treasurer: Sarah Armstrong

The 2005 Executive Committee:

  • Chair: Tim Barnett
  • Vice-Chair: Jimmy Foulds
  • Secretary: Matthew Whyte
  • Treasurer: Jane Wang/Ben Cleland/Reuben Evans

The 2004 Executive Committee:

  • Chair: Jane Wang
  • Vice-Chair: David Ware
  • Secretary: Ben Cleland
  • Treasurer: Sam McKoy

The 2003 Executive Committee:

  • Chair: Tim Barnett
  • Vice-Chair: John McPherson
  • Secretary: Ben Cleland
  • Treasurer: James Brunskill

The 2002 founding Executive Committee:

  • Chair: Craig Box
  • Vice-Chair: John McPherson
  • Secretary: Anette Steel
  • Treasurer: Dana McKay
  • Web Master: Stuart Yeates