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COMP520 - Report of an Investigation

COMP520 Coordinator: Mark Apperley
Room: G.3.06
Phone: (07) 838 4528
Email: m.apperley@cs.waikato.ac.nz
Description:Directed investigation and report on an approved project or study topic.
Project Selection:Students are normally required to select and sign up for a project the preceding November. If you were/are unable to meet this deadline you should contact the course coordinator as soon as possible. A list of projects currently available, and the sign-up procedures, can be found here.

Special provision is made for students who have been given permission to spread their project from mid-year to mid-year. These provisions are described on the project selection page.

2011 Classes:A Semester - Tuesday, 2.00pm, S.G.02
B Semester - Wednesday, 2.00pm, S.1.05
Course Text:Some readings will be supplied.
Assessment:The grade is based totally on the final report.
Pass/Fail:Other compulsory components are assessed on a pass/fail basis:
  • Attendance at classes is compulsory
  • Project note book should be kept
  • Title/blurb/photo
  • Project proposal
  • Interim Report
  • Abstract of presentation
  • Project presentation
  • Final Report
  • Project Oral may be requested by supervisor or course coordinator
  • Final Report is marked by two examiners (not the supervisor) who both receive a report from the supervisor on the progress made by the student throughout the year.
Deadlines:There will be no extension of deadlines except for sound, documented, medical reasons. All extensions will be dealt with by the course coordinator.
Photoboard Blurbs:At the start of semester most students are assigned lab space. A blurb about their research topic and a photo get put on the photoboard outside the lab they are working in. By the end of the second week of semester, students are required to provide the blurb and photo to go up outside their lab. The blurb needs to be about 80 words and have a title of 4-5 words (see Blurb Examples for ideas). Students can provide a digital photo of themselves that can be cropped to fit in the space allowed or a photo will be taken of them. Blurbs and photos are to be emailed to Bronwyn Webster in the Computer Science office (G.1.21).
Handing In:Project Proposals and Interim Reports are to be handed in to the course coordinator using the Honours Handin box in the foyer, 1st floor, G Block.

The Final Report must be checked by your supervisor before handing in. After checking by the supervisor, one unbound, staple-free copy of the completed Final Report is to be handed in to the Computer Science Office (G.1.21) for copying, binding and examination. If the report contains any colour printed pages, then the color pages must be included in the final report and an extra two sets of the colour pages will need to be handed in along with the completed report (making 3 copies of every color page).

The Final Report will be copied twice and then all three copies of the report will be bound. Once bound, the student may then pick up one copy from the Computer Science Office for their personal library.

Students are also required to submit an electronic version of their Final Report. Please email a pdf file to bronwyn@cs.waikato.ac.nz

Handouts:Note: Some lecture notes are accessible through the course schedule.
Scholarships:Students planning to enrol in Masters study next year may be eligible for a University of Waikato Masters Research Scholarship.