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Masters Theses

Coordinators:Eibe Frank
Room: G.1.07
Phone: (07) 838 4396
Email: gradinfo@cs.waikato.ac.nz

Ian Witten
Room: G.1.11
Phone: (07) 838 4246
Email: gradinfo@cs.waikato.ac.nz

Description:Dissertation means a piece of written work that reports on the findings of a theoretical or empirical investigation and is undertaken in accordance with the regulations for an honours or first masters degree. First masters degree means a masters degree except the Master of Philosophy.

Thesis means a piece of written work undertaken in accordance with the regulations for a first masters degree and equivalent to at least 90 points at 500 level, or a piece of written work undertaken in accordance with the regulations for a Master of Philosophy or doctoral degree. A thesis is externally examined and if passed is considered to embody research of a kind and standard appropriate for the thesis to be lodged permanently in the University Library and University digital repository and is publicly accessible (unless embargoed under section 14 of The University of Waikato Dissertations and Theses Regulations).

Admissions Info:
Topic Selection:Students are to discuss with prospective supervisors a suitable topic for their thesis.
Scholarships:Students planning to enrol in Masters study may be eligible for a University of Waikato Masters Research Scholarship. Other scholarships are also available.
Handing In Process:
Theses: All completed theses are to be checked by the student's supervisor before binding.

The hand-in submission date for a thesis is the day the bound thesis is to be handed in by the student to the Student Centre in the Library. Students MUST ALLOW ten working days for the thesis to be copied and bound before handing in to the Student Centre. If the submission date falls on a weekend then the thesis must be handed in to the Student Centre by 4pm on the Friday before that weekend.

Four bound copies of a thesis is required. To get the thesis copied and bound, students need to get a yellow Print form from the Computer Science Office (G.1.21). Students can either take a hard copy of their thesis, or a PDF file on a disc or USB, to the Print Shop along with the Print form. If the thesis contains any colour pages, then a list of page numbers for the color pages in the PDF file (not the final printed page numbers) needs be given to the Print Shop also. This is so the Print Shop can print the correct pages in color. This list is not necessary if a hard copy is being given to the Print Shop. Please check with Bronwyn Webster in the Computer Science Office if it is not clear what is required. If the thesis contains colour pages, then the Department will pay for 10 of the colour pages (40 printed colour pages). Extra colour pages will be at the student's own cost. Computer Science theses are printed on standard 80gsm white paper. If a student wishes to use a better quality paper then this will also be at the student's own cost.

Once bound the student can then pick up their thesis from the Print Shop and submit three copies to Emma or Whetu at the Student Centre in the Library, retaining the fourth copy for their personal library. Students need to complete the following forms to submit with their thesis:

If an embargo is required then students must complete an Application to Embargo a Thesis form.

Students are also required to submit a digital copy of their thesis to the Library BEFORE handing in the hard copies of the thesis to the Student Centre.

All University fees and fines must also be paid for the thesis to be examined and a final grade awarded.

Dissertation: All completed dissertations are to be checked by the student's supervisor before handing in. One unbound, staple-free copy is to be handed in to the Computer Science Office (G.1.21) for copying, binding and examination. If the Dissertation contains any colour printed pages, then an extra two copies of each colour page will need to be handed in along with the completed Dissertation.

Once the dissertation has been bound the student may then pick up one copy for their personal library.

FAQ:How do I get a computer account?
University computer accounts are created for students as soon as they are fully enrolled. Then the Computer Science department automatically gets the account details and creates an account on our own computers. Students can then log into the computers in their lab.

How do I find out what my username and password are?
1st time users go to https://tools.its.waikato.ac.nz/newuser.html or ask the ITS Help Desk for your username. The password will be the last 8 digits of your barcode on your ID card. You can change your password once logged in.

Re-enrolled users have the same username and password as last year. If that doesn’t work then try last 8 digits of your barcode on your ID card. If that doesn’t work contact TSG Help.

How do I get a swipe card for access to the building?
See the Computer Science secretary in the Department office (G.1.21). She will give you a security swipe form, and you must then go to Security to get your card ($15 fee).

How do I get a key for my lab?
Your supervisor must inform the Computer Science secretary that you have permission to use a lab. You can then pick up a key from the Computer Science secretary or she can give you the required security form to gain swipe access.

Can I do photocopying?
PhD students and MSc students who are doing a thesis can get photocopier access loaded onto their student card. See the Computer Science secretary in the Department office (G.1.21). Students receive up to $50 of photocopying per year.

What about web access?
Once a year, when you enrol, your web account receives a $20 credit. If you run out, see your supervisor.

What about printing?
Printers in the labs are not generally charged. For printing elsewhere, your account receives some credit when you enrol ($25), just as for web access. Again, if you run out ask your supervisor.

Can I get pens, paper, and other stationary supplies?
Yes, you can get pens, pencils, paper, pads and envelopes as necessary for your work. If you're a Graduate Assistant, you can get supplies like whiteboard pens from the Tutors in R block.

What if there are problems in my lab?
See your supervisor.

What is the print format for my MSc thesis?
Check the University Calendar Dissertations and Theses Regulations for requirements.

When must I hand in my MSc thesis?
The University Calendar Personal Programmes of Study Regulations, 12.1 states "The deadline for the submission of any dissertation, thesis or research report will be 4.00pm on the last working day of the paper occurrence which completes the candidate’s enrolment in the total points required for the dissertation, thesis or research report." Check with your supervisor or the Computer Science secretary if you are unsure of your final enrolment date. Be aware that if your enrolment finishes on a Sunday you must hand in by 4pm on the preceding Friday.

You must hand in your bound MSc thesis to the Assessment office. Remember to allow at least ten days before the submission date for binding (see above). Extensions of up to three weeks may be granted by the Dean for valid reasons only. You will need to talk to your supervisor.

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