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We value quality long term relationships with all of our clients.   We seekto provide an open and engaging relationship to assure useful and beneficial feedback is provided at relevant stages of decision making and development. 

Many projects we are involved encompass numerous hours of work through different phases of development.  It is typical that we work with more than one client at a time.  Our clients repeatedly return to us to help out with their latest projects.

Client List

Idiom Limited


Inland Revenue Department


Symantec New Zealand

Telecom (New Zealand)

The Institute of Professional Legal Studies

The School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

The University of Auckland

The University of Waikato

Virtual Spectator

What Our Clients Say About Us

"We write to express our appreciation for the manner in which your department has undertaken the recent usability study for the Institute's 'Negotiation for Legal Professionals' programme.

"It is imperative that an educational multimedia programme like this is presented in the most user-friendly and educationally effective format. The findings from your study, and the excellent report summarising these, will help us meet our goals in this regard.

"Aside from the obvious high quality of your lab facility, a number of features of your study and report have been particularly impressive, and we would like to commend you for these.

"We were impressed from the outset with your professional approach to establishing, documenting and undertaking the study. The process of protecting the rights of participants in the study was particularly pleasing.

"We appreciated the opportunity for our programmer to personally observe the participants using the software in the laboratory. He found that a helpful and insightful experience. Your staff made him very welcome and comfortable in this process.

"We must say, also, that we found your report exceeded our expectations. We found your report to be most professionally constructed, and very helpful in its graphical illustration of issues and recommendations."

— David Gibson, The Institute of Legal Studies


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