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The Significant Advantage of Using a Usability Laboratory



The most significant advantage of using a usability laboratory for usability engineering is that you, as developers, can observe real users using your product, the one's you have put so much time and energy (and cost) into designing.  The ability to observe is priceless! Why?

  • You can see where your product completely fails them - and sometimes not where you expect.  You can see where your product slows them down and you can see where your product is not as intuitive as you thought.  We have had clients, referring to something they have just watched a user do that they had not anticipated at all, say to us "I never thought the user would do that!"
  • You can ground your expectations of what your users can realistically do.  There is no sense in developing features which your users just will not be able to use.
  • You and your developers can really empathise with your users.  Watching through a one-way glass can help you take an image that you can continually refer to back to your development space.

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