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Why Outsourcing Usability Work to Us is Cost Effective


Currency Conversion

Currency conversion.  For example today (13 October 2004) NZ$1.00 converts to:

  • USD 0.68

  • EUR 0.55

  • GBP 0.38

  • AUD 0.93


English is New Zealand's main language.  You do not have to worry about adequacy or costs of translation and understanding.  Our results and recommendations will make sense and will be easy to follow.


We know how to communicate, interact with clients, and use our discretion wisely.  You will not find sudden changes to what you have given us.


We are based in Hamilton, New Zealand.  Hamilton is progressive and has much to offer.  It is New Zealand's fourth largest city and enjoys the best of both urban and rural worlds.  It is situated in the North Island in the heart of the Waikato region - one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world.  It has all the down-to-earth friendly fellowship of a small town and the nearby conveniences of New Zealand's largest city - Auckland - and other significant cultural, tourist and rural centres of New Zealand - the Bay of Plenty, Coromandel and the west coast areas.

Hamilton City is the business, service and educational centre of the Waikato region.  It is also one of New Zealand's major commercial, industrial and research centres.

Hamilton is valued as a world centre of life sciences, which has grown out of the region's worldwide leadership in the dairy industry.  Approximately 25% of research undertaken in New Zealand is performed in Hamilton, most of which is in the life sciences area.  Other industry successes include milking systems, dairy hygiene products, electric fencing, plastics, stainless steel fabrication, aluminum extrusion, tap ware, boat building, and instrument supplies.  Hamilton and Waikato commercial successes include health and safety systems, online sensing, computer networking, call centres, and data mining.  Over 50 international businesses have chosen Hamilton as the location of their head office or satellite offices in the Pacific Rim.

Hamilton City has an approximate population of 120,000.  The population of the Waikato region itself is approximately 350,000.  More than 80% of Hamilton's population is of European descent and 11% are Maori (New Zealand's indigenous people).  The remaining population's race and culture is diverse - it has a large transient population, including students from all around the world.  The advantage is that we can get a whole range of people who will almost always match our clients' users - also our location gives us ready contact with people who live outside a main centre and who will invariably belong to a range of socio-economic groups.

Hamilton is an easy-to-reach location from all parts of New Zealand and most parts of Australia - we are only a one hour drive away from Auckland, and there are regular flights to Hamilton from most centres in New Zealand and many main centres in Australia.  If further a field, or if more your preference, today's technology means we can easily collaborate with clients from all over the world.  In fact, the difference in time zone means huge advantages for international businesses - we can work on a problem while you sleep!


Please contact us for more details about outsourcing.

Contact: Kirsten Thomson


Phone: +6478585116


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