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About Us

Our People


The Usability Laboratory has a great bunch of people, who contribute expertise and knowledge to everything they do.  We are diverse - we come from all parts of the world, have worked on a wide range projects with a wide range of tools.  We are directed focusing on the task at hand, but always look for ways to bring innovation and excitement into what we do.

Our Team

The Usability Laboratory team consists of a number of HCI researchers - most who have completed or are working towards completing a doctorate in the area of human computer interaction.  All offer vast knowledge and experience in of user-centred design and research and usability engineering.  Members of the team are invited to participate in projects where their knowledge and experience will be well facilitated:


Mark Apperley

Over 30 years research experience in HCI including CAD systems, bifocal displays, direct manipulation interfaces, information presentation, and information interaction mechanisms.

Sally Jo Cunningham

More than 20 years research experience of information architectures, ethnographic techniques for observing people, online learning/information discovery, digital library interactions, and people with disabilities.

Lyn Hunt

More than 10 years research experience of statistical analysis techniques applied in a wide range of applications and domains.

Steve Jones

Over 15 years research experience in collaborative technologies and graphic user interface (GUI) development.

Masood Masoodian

Over 10 years research experience in human-to-human communication media including graphic user interfaces and multi-media systems.

Dave Nichols

More than 10 years research in digital library interactions, collaborative systems, remote user testing, and open source software development and its impact on the end-users.

Bill Rogers

Well over 30 years research in software architectures that support programming development.


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