0657.209B: Object-Oriented Programming (the 2002 EDITION)

Course outline
Why study together?

Haskell (week 6, by Dr.Holmes)

online Haskell material

Java (weeks 1-5, 7-12)

NEW Project2 marks and provisional final grades

Test1 results
Test1 model answers.

Test2 results
Test2 model answers.

Test3 results

Test4 results
Test4 model answers

Test5 results
Test5 model answers

Test6 results
Test6 model answers

Your first project (due 23th August, 17.00).

Project1 remarks
Project1 marks

Your second project (due Monday, 21th October).
The header-page for your hand-in material.
CANCELLED: Don't forget to sign-up for a 5 minute slot on Friday
INSTEAD: simply put your paperwork into the hand-in box on the 1st floor of G block by Monday 5pm,
as well as put your jar-file into the Project2 directory by Monday 5pm as well.

Lecture notes:

(the full TEXT of chapters 5,6, and 7 can be downloaded for printing from here)

some extra material (no worries, won't be tested on Friday)

Example sources


Practical work:

Java online stuff (heaps):

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