Index of TwoStageCollective_20050822


- only datasets with more than 1000 instances
- TwoStageCollective with only one iteration, i.e., no flipping
- VotedFolds used, to speed up computation for algorithms that are quadratic
  or worse in regards to number of instances
- three different setups were used
  ~ weka30a:
    Split 5/95%, VotedFolds with 19 folds
  ~ weka30b:
    Split 10/90%, VotedFolds with 9 folds
  ~ weka30c:
    Split 20/80%, VotedFolds with 4 folds


The collective classifier often performs better with more folds, e.g., SMO
either wins or has a tie with 19 folds. With fewer folds it starts to lose
against the base classifier. 
J48, on the other hand, seems to perfom better with fewer folds. It manages to
win against the base classifier on the waveform dataset.