CZT Eclipse Plugin

This web page tells you how to install and use the CZT Plugin for Eclipse. Before installing it, you need to have Eclipse SDK 3.2 installed on your computer (you can download this from

To install the CZT Eclipse Plugin, download these two .jar files and put them both in the plugins directory of your Eclipse installation. Note that this version 1.0.2 plugin contains a copy of CZT 1.0.

You should also install the CZT font so that you see the special Z characters (see below for font installation hints). WARNING: installing this font on Windows XP stops the Visual Studio Designer from working -- we do not know why yet! Then restart Eclipse using the command:
    eclipse -clean

Here is a short reference manual (PDF) for the CZT Plugin for Eclipse.

And here are some even shorter "Getting Started" instructions:
To create a CZT specification project within Eclipse, use the "File/New/Project/CZT/CZT Project" menu command. You will need to choose a name for your specification project. If you are asked whether you want to open the CZT perspective, just select "Yes". Then you can create a Z specification by using the "File/New/Other.../CZT/Z Specification" menu entry. You must choose a name for your Z specification file and you can choose whether you want to write it in LaTeX or Unicode markup.

The Birthday Book Example

Here is a simple example of a Z specification -- the classic "Birthday Book" specification from Spivey's book "The Z Notation: A Reference Manual".

Installing the CZT font

We are not experts in installing fonts, so please check the documentation of your operating system how fonts are installed. The following summarises our experiences with installing the font on Windows XP and Linux.

Installing the CZT font on Windows XP

Go into Start/Control Panel, then into the "Fonts" program. (If you are using the new XP categories, you need to select "Appearance and Themes" first, then the "Fonts" link will appear in the left-hand sidebar). Once you are in the "Fonts" program, use the "File/Install new font" menu entry, then browse to the fonts/ttf subdirectory and add the "CZT Sans" font.

Installing the CZT font on a Mac

Under Mac OS X, right-click (or double-click) on the CZTSans.ttf file and select the "Install Font" command.

Installing the CZT font on Linux

Executing the following commands worked for me on gentoo (without having root privileges):

          cd fonts/ttf
          ttmkfdir > fonts.scale
          xset fp+ `pwd`
          xset fp rehash

More information can be obtained from:
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