Utting Family History

I've been a New Zealander since 1860! That is when my great, great, great grandfather, Frederick James Utting, arrived in New Zealand on the ship "Red Jacket" from London.

He was born in Brooke, Norfolk in 1814, had 11 children by two wives, and emigrated to New Zealand on the 17th May, 1860. His first wife, Sarah, died in 1849 shortly after giving birth to her sixth child (a common occurrence in those days). His second wife, Ann, and her children came out to New Zealand on the 8th December 1893 on the ship "Bombay". Several of Frederick's brothers and sisters also emigrated.

Frederick worked as a civil engineer and land surveyor, initially in Auckland. Then he moved to Port Albert where he not only worked as a surveyor, but also owned and farmed 120 acres, included a 4 acre orchard containing 120 varieties of apples, 60 varieties of pears, 55 varieties of plums, 40 varieties of peaches and 30 varieties of grapes. He died in Port Albert on 6th January 1882.

My direct ancestry from him is:
Name Years Occupation
Frederick James Utting (1814-1882) Civil Engineer and Surveyor
Walter Frederick Utting (1844-1933) Merchant
Harry Utting (1869-1952) Town Clerk
Leslie Ernest Utting (1899-1972) Civil Engineer
Barry Utting Farmer/Orchardist
Me Computer Scientist

The Reminiscences of FREDERIC CLEMENT UTTING (the youngest son of Frederick James Utting) are available online, called Eighty-Three Years in New Zealand.

Earlier ancestors of Frederick James are mentioned on an Utting page by Jean Ajin (was Jean Ashfield).

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