Learning French

Here are a few interesting links I have found about French, learning French and especially children's computer games for teaching French.

Online French-Learning Sites

Computer Games for Learning French

Reference Sites on the Web

Writing French accents online

http://french.typeit.org is an online text editor designed for typing French. It lets your enter French characters easily without memorizing Alt codes or installing keyboard layouts. You can cut and paste the resulting text into any document.

Writing French in Emacs

Another thing I find useful is ways of entering french accents in Emacs (where is this documented?). Typing C-X 8 before various characters gives you accented characters (assuming that you are using the ISO 8859 Latin-N character set, which is usually the default). The ones that are useful for french are:
Character after C-X 8Character inserted
<Open quotation (<<)
>Close quotation (>>)
'a 'e 'i 'o 'u 'yaccent aigu above that character
`a `e `i `o `uaccent grave above that character
^a ^e ^i ^o ^uaccent circonflexe above that character
"a "e "i "o "u "yaccent tr�ma (trema) above that character
,c ,Cc�dille (cedille) below that character
These all work for uppercase characters too (except "y).

do M-x standard-display-european to display these accents nicely on the screen (assuming you have the right font on your system).

Try M-x iso-transl-set-language if you type in french all the time and want more convenient entry. (See the ios-transl Emacs macro package). Or, if you use VIPER (VI-emulation), see M-x iso-accents-mode.

Information about Different kinds of French Companies

LixFori site Excellent articles by French lawyer. Explains SA, SARL companies mainly.

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