Rough Flying -- Problem B (5 points)

While flying on Kiwi Air (motto "we soar like the Kiwi bird") I have noticed that every time the plane is jolted downwards I lose 20% of my drink and every time the plane is jolted upwards I lose 10% of my drink. Read in from a file the proportion of drink remaining, and print out the number of upjolts and downjolts

Input will be from a file PROBLEMB.DAT, which will have one 6-place decimal number per line, representing the proportion of drink left. There number of jolts will always be such that the proportion left can be exactly represented in 6 places of decimals. The file will be terminated by a line containing a single 0.

Output, which must be written to standard output (the screen), will be one line for each line of input. Each output line must contain the message "There were A downjolts and B upjolts", where A and B are replaced by the number of downjolts and upjolts. There must be a single blank on each side of each number.

Example Input


Example Output

There were 1 downjolts and 1 upjolts
There were 3 downjolts and 2 upjolts